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African Philosopher Charles N Lambert unleashes 1,000 philosophical quotes

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'When a man leaves his path, he ends up in parts', the wise quotes of Lambert
Charles Lambert

The champion of Africa’s first Economic War, Philosopher, Leader of the Black Wall Street and Africa’s finest economic activist has unleashed 1,000 philosophical quotes and fantastic frames to beautify the walls of the living, motivate Africans and the entire world thereby promoting African philosophy and African beauty to the world.

The portraits and inscribed philosophical quotes depict the beauty of Africans and present HOPE to the people.

According to the great African philosopher Lambert, Lifetime UPAP investors under the Black Wall Street platform can see why every Wall of any building in the world is a potential opportunity for dollars to the investors in the Black Wall Street Community.

The portraits which are meant to beautify African Walls, European Walls, Americans Walls, Indian Walls, South American Walls, Middle Eastern Walls, Chinese Walls etc. are universally appealing and sure channels for returns on Investments.

In a series of posts on Facebook, Lambert explained that Moses needed to deliver the children of God from the oppressive hands of pharaoh, God turned the rod in his hand to the tool of emancipation.

Hence, he is set to deliver Africa from poverty and the same God has anointed the 1,000 philosophical quotes to become the recognized products for Wall Decorations all over the World.

Furthermore, he said “40 million Annual UPAP through mobile phone Switch with 200 Million Wall decorative frames ordered alongside is our solemn objective before Christmas as we become a billion dollars entity.”

“If a Region can project a Global Economic Philosophy that can be acceptable to a significant portion of the world’s population, then it has the most important ingredient towards becoming a Super Power.”

Being an African philosopher, Lambert believes that the true purpose of business is to uplift the experience of existing. It is not to make owners wealthy. It is not to produce ever-cheaper goods and services. Hence, his philosophy of Compassionate capitalism is an economic system meant to make a lot of money, help a lot of people, and have a lot of fun. It is not to keep an avaricious and toxic economic model afloat.

Compassionate Capitalism Philosophy of Lambert focuses on the reduction of the producers’ profits to create investment points for constant economic stimulus.

Lambert’s Compassionate Capitalism which he calls the “Ubuntu Spirit” is to bridge the development divide and interconnect Africa.

His philosophy is intertwined with that of Adams Smith whose brand of market capitalism is compassion for the poor.

Properly understood, Smith’s philosophy roots for free markets, free trade, free migration, etc. creates more wealth more quickly than any other economic system. And not just for the top one percent, as in other systems.

In Smith’s time, the average person worldwide made around $3 per day. In richer countries like England or the Netherlands, it was something like $5 a day. Today, in countries that have embraced liberalism, you can make $100 a day and consider yourself middle class.

That’s a 30-fold increase, and arguably the most significant development in human history since the Agricultural Revolution. Prosperity is no longer a privilege for the few. Everyone can share in it now.

The 1,000 high Wisdom philosophical quotes will most certainly give credence to Africa’s Compassionate Capitalism as propounded by Lambert providing the foundation for an increase in access to global trade and subsequent massive poverty reduction.

Through the infusion of the most gorgeous Africans to Lambert’s 1,000 philosophical quotes, the Black Wall Street will unleash the unending cycle of Trap and Reinvest.

Lambert believes it is time for Africa to tap from its natural resources with this kind of economic philosophy to rule the world.

Below are some of the beautiful portraits and philosophical qoutes

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