November 2, 2020

ABiT Network launches ABiT Rep, a way for youths to Earn by word of mouth


ABiT Network recently launched it’s ABiT Reps platform, where youths in Nigeria can join over 3,000 people in the community to earn rewards and build a stream of income.

ABiT Rep is a program targeted at helping youths have a stream of income by promoting ABiT ‘s products.

As the COVID- 19 pandemic continues to ravage the global economy, third world countries are not left behind. A lot of Nigerians have lost their jobs as both individuals and firms face challenges due to the effects of the pandemic.

According to, more people will move online to earn passive income in the next decade, to this end the ABiT Rep platform serves as an ample opportunity to earn a passive income, especially in times such as now.

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Word of mouth has continued to be the best form of marketing so far. Even quoted by the World’s richest man back in 2006 Word of mouth is very powerful “If you do build a great experience, customers tell each other about that. Word of mouth is very powerful.” If word of mouth is great for a business or a working product, now people can earn from it as well, Just by being an evangelist for the ABiT Network you can earn an Additional $450 salary every 30 days. How does this work you might ask ;

Key Takeaways

To fully utilize the full benefits of this product, potential representatives must take note of three important factors:

Understanding ABiT Reps
How you can earn from ABiT Reps
Why every Youth should be an ABiT representative

I delve into these factors in detail below;

Understanding the Process: what does it take to become an ABiT representative?

You must have heard of ABiT Network before, If not you should know one of the biggest names in Africa’s Crypto Industry Gaius Chibueze (aka Bitcoin Chief). Gaius Chibueze is the founder of the ABiT network.

You should know about ‘Tatcoin Token’, the recent crypto token that has got everyone talking. If you do, then congrats, you are 70 % ready to become a representative of the company but if you don’t no need to get scared, see my article on

According to a recent Email sent out by the ABT Network team, ABiT Reps are customers who automatically become brand ambassadors and their job is helping others especially new users get on board the ABiT Network Ecosystem.

“Our growth as a company has been majorly due to “word of mouth” and “friends telling friends”. This is how we have grown and we want to keep growing this way, so we are making it official by giving our users the platform to share the life-changing opportunities we are building with their friends and get paid for doing so.

How you can earn from ABiT Reps

To start earning as an ABiT Rep, you must be someone that is an existing customer of the ABiT Network or willing to become one. You can head on to to create your account.

There is a whitepaper on the site, which you can read to have a deep understanding of the business model. To become a representative, you must have $30 worth of Tatcoin staked on the platform, this is not hard to do as you can buy Tatcoin from the same website.

The Tatcoin would be staked for a minimum of 3 months and you can still earn 1% ROI of your staked coins. If you don’t understand what staking is, you can read my article on that as well. “Reps would receive training that will them carry out assigned tasks effectively” according to the COO Ajulu

Why you should become part of the system

Becoming a highly successful Rep would take a lot of dedication, ABiT has promised to give the resources and also teach the strategies for all Reps to achieve their goals. As said earlier, this will make it possible for more people to earn by just talking about the ABiT’s products.

Representatives will be paid $5 for each person referred and also be able to earn an additional $90 salary every 30 days if you can get 50 people to join ABiT Network and buy Tatcoin worth $25.

ABiT is also going to sponsor an all-expense-paid trip to the 10 best performing Reps, while three best performing Reps stand a chance to win a car by the end of each business year.

Also, the top 100 best performing reps would get a share of 10% of the Company’s profit by the end of a business year and get 30% of the fee paid by any referral for cryptocurrency trading classes and also trading signals on ABiT Trader.

So many benefits as you push the word about ABiT products out there, get your referrals coming.

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