Funny reactions have sparked social media after some Nigerians asked the Nigerian Postal Service (NIPOST) to prepare to handle mail-in ballots in the country’s 2023 general elections.

The Mail-in ballot, also known as postal voting, vote-by-mail or vote from home, is the system of voting where ballot papers are distributed to voters and returned by postal mail after voting.

It was gathered that about 94 million Americans were said to have voted via mail-in ballots in the ongoing U.S. presidential elections.

This amazed some Nigerians as they called on NIPOST to get ready for such a system of voting in 2023 general elections.

The former senator representing Kaduna central, Shehu Sani is one of the people that called for vote-by-mail in Nigeria’s 2023 elections

He wrote on Twitter “NIPOST get ready for mail-in Ballot”.

After seeing the call for NIPOST to get ready for 2023, some people on Twitter came up with different funny comments alleging that NIPOST opens parcels before sending across to the receivers

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@AishaYesufu also wrote “The parcels I was sent since August from UK using Royal mail which hands over to our NIPOST, I still haven’t received. Some ballot will reach the collation centre when tenure is rounding up and they are preparing for another election.”

@NskEssien “Maybe you want your votes to get delivered after swearing in ceremony.”

@Sir_Steinz “No be only nipost, nah Nicon, ordinary envelope to the next street, your mail go lost… we go queue, no worry”

@DrOlufunmilayo “Someone asked if NIPOST is ready for mailed ballots in Nigeria 2023 elections. Another person replied that NIPOST officials opens people’s parcels to steal chocolates. Nigerians are rude.”

@JoshOnu “Only ruling party ballots will be delivered, even before voting is concluded.”

@TheVunderkind “Mail in your vote via NIPOST and it will pick it up by yourself a few months later, wrapped around some sizzling akara and yam.”

@iamthommie “Then be ready for the biggest rigging in human history. Kano state will produce up to 10 billion mail in ballots. The rigging will be so bad even the person they rigged for wil reject the result”

@IkumapayiJ “E go shock u when mail go start dey come from kano and sokoto…. e go shock nipost sef”

@AheebAhmed “NIPOST is not ready for such election… Our vote will be tampered.”

@TundeTASH “How do you verify mail-in ballots in Nigeria, a country where several years after, we are yet to have a complete national identity database? You want us to delve back into the rigging systems I witnessed as a child in the 1983 election?”

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