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Special Birthday Message to Dr. Okezie Victor Ikpeazu, Governor of Abia State

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By Benson Uche Egbuchiwe

I wish you more of God’s grace and wisdom, especially now!

While we celebrate and reflect on the goodness and kindness of God on you today, it is also a time that calls for introspection on one’s stewardship to public service.

We supported you with every sinew in our bodies; we were elated and we were ecstatic on the prospects of your tenure as the first Ngwa man and first scholar in Government House Umuahia-there were a euphoric expectation of a total retooling of the cranky engine of governance in Abia state from your emergence.

We, the Ngwa of Aba extraction dreamt of a total rejuvenation of our decaying and dying city of Aba through deliberate and purposeful development policies. This was a bankable expectation because of your shared kinship with Aba.

Five years down the line despite your efforts, my expectation and the results have not been cheering. The pockets of achievements are not commensurate with our individual and collective expectation.

We have lost our faces amongst our friends with whom we have taken bets on faith -that you will deliver on the dividends of Governance in Abia.

Now, our backs are slouched in shame; we don’t speak with our chest puffed as proud Ngwa men; we have become at once the public spitting bowls and the perpetual objects of derision from our friends in other states.

They routinely remind us that we should not speak when they are speaking on issues of development and governance; both of the states and the thewless Federal government.

They said we have been stopped by our inability to point to the dots in our eyes, and should not come to the table of adults with eyes to point with our inequitable and crooked fingers at the specks in their good eyes.

We have stridently tried to defend your government with the contortions of pictures that dot the internet like emerging infestations of protruding boils on one’s clear skin without much successes.

We have scrounged and manufactured tales from various optical emanations from the social media to fill up the void, but the truth and the reality on the ground melt our fragile defences like butter in a heated pan.

I speak with love and In truth. I wish you will wake up and double up before your tenure runs out. Time is no more on our side.

We must scrounge out a legacy and signature project to ingrain your name in, now: Fix Aba and other things will follow and may be forgiven. The determination to fix Aba must be deliberate and singular at this juncture. There is no time for policy mishmash on this.

In the end, may history vindicate you! May posterity favour you at the end of your tenure. May our dignity collectively as Ngwa people be redeemed and burnished with your achievements at the end of your tenure. Amen

Happy birthday, Dede.

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