October 3, 2020

Medplus raises awareness for PCOS,supports Nigerian women


Nigeria’s leading health and beauty retail pharmaceutical chain, Medplus Pharmacy, recently connected with audiences to spread awareness, dispel myths, and encourage women to get tested for the condition, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS).

With the month of September being PCOS Awareness Month, Medplus worked to raise awareness and showcase how Medplus Pharmacy can support women with PCOS.

Mrs. Joke Bakare, Medplus Founder and CEO, commented, “PCOS is a major condition that impacts several aspects of life for women, but yet, it tends to be under-recognized by women as they have no idea what their symptoms mean, and end up suffering in silence until they have difficulty getting pregnant or until they develop other complications from having PCOS.

As a pharmacy that deeply cares about our community and the wellbeing of Nigerian women, we found it vital to spread awareness of PCOS to encourage women to speak up about their symptoms, share their stories, and find a community with Medplus where they can always get support.”

Using the hashtag, #PCOSWithMedplus, the pharmaceutical chain reached out to audiences to share their stories with PCOS and its relevant symptoms, from irregular periods, difficulty getting pregnant, weight gain, to excessive hair growth. Women with similar symptoms and stories were encouraged to visit their doctor to get checked, and others were led to be supportive with women suffering from the symptoms.

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Senami Atika, the Marketing Manager, Medplus, also commented, “It has been amazing seeing women open up about their struggles with PCOS and sharing their stories. Seeing people learn and share the information with their sisters, friends, girlfriends, mothers, and so on was very inspiring and validates the work we do at Medplus Pharmacy, which is to support our community by forecasting their needs and preparing for the future of healthcare, lifestyle, and the nation’s wellness.

We encourage people to follow Medplus on Instagram @medpluspharmacyng, Facebook at Medplus Pharmacy and Twitter @medpluspharmacy to read about people’s stories with PCOS and also  stay up to date with health, beauty, fitness, lifestyle, and other general wellness products and tips.“

To learn more about how Medplus is raising awareness for PCOS and supporting women with the condition, follow the hashtag #PCOSWithMedplus.