…Recalls ‘when I was in God’s waiting Room’

…Celebrates 23rd wedding anniversary with her hubby, how she met him

By Benjamin Njoku

Co-presenter of Goge Africa, a popular tourism programme on TV, Nneka Moses whose joy was made full in 2012, after waiting for over 13 years to welcome her child, Chikamara , is currently in a happy mood.

The gap-toothed entertainer marked her 23rd wedding anniversary with her husband, Isaac on Saturday, October 24, and the couple’s joy new no bounds. The occasion afforded them the rare opportunity to reflect on their life’s journey of hustling and bonding, which they have documented in a book format to celebrate their 23 years of marriage.

The biography titled, “ How Tourism Saved My Marriage”, according to Nneka is due to be launched in April next year. The book chronicles the story of how the couple met on a movie set, started their life’s journey and where they are today.

The couple in the past 21 years have traversed the length and breadth of the continent of Africa, digging out the rich traditions, festivals, dances and music of Africans and showing them to the world in order to change the often negative perception of the people’s cultures and traditions by the western world. But, while they were engrossed in making people happy, Nneka too was longing for the experience that comes along with being a mother.

At the end of the day, the birth of Chikamara changed her story and since then, the couple is no longer disturbed about the fruit of the womb.

Going down memory lane, Nneka described the birth of Kamara as “a blessing in disguise.”

“Chikamara has been a blessing. I learnt so much while in God’s waiting room. Looking back now, I’m actually grateful we waited. Isaac and I have been traveling with him since he was months old. His presence influences the choices we make, especially when to travel.”

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“More so, because of Kamara, I realized that Isaac is the best father anyone can have. Finally, I have stopped worrying about the fruit of the womb. I focus more on other things now,” Nneka said, while in a WhatsApp chat with our reporter.

On the lessons she has learnt in marriage, she said apart from not going into marriage with high expectations, one should be ready to compromise as well as make sacrifices.

“Try as much as possible not to keep secrets.Don’t allow anger last till morning.”

“It is important to note that the essence of marriage is not really to have children (they are a gift from God), marriage is for companionship. So try to marry a friend because marriage is a long journey. It is not about where you are going but who you are going with,”she advised.

Also, recalling how she met her husband, an excerpt from their biography, which she shared on Instagram, Nneka wrote: “It was my very first time on a movie set. They cast Isaac as my boyfriend in the movie. So, we were both in a room and we were asked to open the door once we heard the Director say “Action”. Standing at one corner of the room, I had my script in hand trying to revise my lines diligently. I was a bit nervous, as it was my first attempt at acting. Then all of a sudden; Isaac grabbed me and kissed me so hard that he sucked both my lips into his mouth, as if he was going to eat me up instantly! I struggled out of his grip, and without a second thought I gave him a hot slap on his left cheek then stormed out of the room.”

‘A few days after the movie shoot, he came to my house seeking forgiveness and wanting to make-up for his unruly behavior. Although I had forgiven him, he insisted on a date with me.

He said, “If you are really sure you have forgiven me, then you should allow me take you out for dinner that’s all I ask … nothing more.”

“So, to get him off my back, I accepted the dinner date, cancelled the hang out with my friends Ngozi Ezekwe (now a pastor’s wife, Mrs. Ufodike) and her cousin Uzoma – they both lived on Elose Street, close to my Boutique at Surulere. You know, once you announce to your friends that you can’t hang out with them because you have a date with a guy, you owe them the whole details of the date.”



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