October 2, 2020

Her Wish: Sophia Igbinovia’s maiden solo exhibition

Her Wish: Sophia Igbinovia’s maiden solo exhibition

Notable creative artist, Sophia Igbinovia, has announced her first solo exhibition set for October 9 at the Dolapo Obat Gallery in Abuja, organised by Agama Art Publishing & Agency.

The two-weeklong exhibition, the artist told Vanguard, will unveil her new body of metal foil and mixed media works.

Speaking on the exhibition, Susa Rodriguez-Garrido, CEO, Agama Art Publishing & Agency, told Vanguard: “All the exhibitions that I work with, organise or curate are important to me.

“However, Sophia’s work speaks to me at a different level and her artwork touches women’s issues and discusses societal topics in a unique way with interesting use of materials.

“I represent artists, curate and organise exhibitions for all artists; it does not matter their age or their gender. I only assess their talent, potential and technique.

“I am living in Nigeria and my aim is to encourage and promote Nigerian artists.

“There is a lot of artistic talents in Nigeria and this is a country of great potential that, in my opinion, has not been completely tapped into.”

Also announcing the exhibition on her official Instagram handle, Dolapo Obat Dolapo, CEO of Obat Gallery, said: “We are very excited to hold Igbinovia Omon Sophia’s first solo exhibition at the Dolapo Obat Gallery.

“Igbinovia has been working very hard to present her work, which features 25 pieces of metal foil and mixed media.

“Themed ‘Her Wish’, the exhibition opens on October 9 and finishes on October 23.”

Sophia O. Igbinovia

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Speaking to Vanguard, Igbinovia said: “Over the last couple of months, I have been creating a new body of metal foil and mixed media works.

“In all, 25 of my recent works will feature at this exhibition. They are three large and 16 medium metal foils, and five mixed media.”

According to Igbinovia, the exhibition, with Susa Rodriguez-Garrido, CEO, Agama Art Publishing & Agency, as curator, epitomises womanhood.

“It talks about how a woman vows to raise her voice and stand up for herself despite her struggles.

“It also makes amend for the past. She uses balloons as a source of inspiration to hope for a bright side and the joy it brings together,” she added.

Speaking on her creative process, the artist said she employs physical devices to articulate the musical rhythms of everyday experiences.

She went on: “Beyond the even values of two-dimensional surfaces, I commandeer various materials and mediums into my creative arsenal to give viewers experiences that stretch their imagination beyond flat surfaces.

“Equally enchanting is my foray beyond the middle-class focus of the Nigerian artist, as I interrogate the way women crave to spend quality time with their children and family despite their busy schedules.

“An example is my series called ‘The Joy Within’. It tells the story of women that have achieved so much in their businesses, but also seek subsistent existence in domestic chores.

“Another is the ‘Balloon’ series which gives full rein to my painterly abilities, with children playing, walking and even sleeping with balloons. And there is the ‘Fearless’ series, which shows different women looking boldly and confidently into the future.”

Igbinovia has exhibited locally and internationally; in groups. These include art exhibitions held in Lagos, Abuja and Benin City, in Nigeria; New Orleans, USA; Johannesburg, South Africa, and Kenya.