Donald Trump COVID-19 diagnosis: US nuclear doomsday planes in show of force
E-6 Mercury, war room in the skies. (TheSun, Oct 18, 2019).

Just before the United States of America, USA’s President, Donald Trump, announced his COVID-19 positive status on Friday morning, two military planes capable of launching a nuclear attack took to the skies.

Each of the planes, known as E-6B Mercury, A.K.A. ‘Doomsday Plane,’ took off minutes before Friday morning’s announcement one from the east coast, the other from the west coast.

Now, such planes can switch their transponders off to avoid being tracked. But these deadly beauties did not, because they wanted to be seen.

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The E-6B Mercury plane carries special communication systems and crews for submarines carrying nuclear-ballistic missiles.

This show of force, experts told Metro UK, is widely interpreted as a signal to other countries that the US chain of command – right up to those who can launch nuclear weapons – remains alert and primed, despite the president’s illness.

With Donald Trump now focused on his health, adversaries may see holes pop up in America’s national security.

However, a US Strategic Command spokesman told Fox News that the flights were “pre-planned” and that the timing was “purely coincidental”.

Meanwhile, some of the flashpoints for Donald Trump that give a bite to the flights as a show of force include the protection of election interference in Taiwan— with China long trying to stake its claim on the Asian island.

Ukraine is also potentially more vulnerable to an incursion from Russia, whose government has sought to regain control of the Eastern European nation, while North Korea and Iran may discuss more missiles testing, and the Taliban may be watching for weaknesses as well.



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