October 29, 2020

Archbishop Sam Zuga writes open letter to all Nigerian youth, lists ways to better lives

Archbishop Sam Zuga writes open letter to all Nigerian youth, lists ways to better lives

Few weeks ago, Nigerian youths stepped out in masses to protest against bad government as well as pleading for the complete ban of Special Anti-robbery Squad (SARS) unit of the police, which has been accused of extortion, torture and extra-judicial killings.

What started as a peaceful protest turned bloody, the agitations of the youths however have been calmed by President Muhammad Buhari.

In that regards, Archbishop Dr. Sam Zuga has reeled out the best ways to make lives better for every Nigerian youth out there.

This he listed via an open letter to all Nigerian youth, urging them go leverage on Zugacoin, SamzugaNET and other legitimate means to become financially stable.

The letter reads in parts: “I thank you for taking a bold step without a Leader but using social media to bring the picture of the Nigeria of our dreams in 12 days.

Since Independence, we have seen only during the 12 days of your protest, a United Nigeria where there was no difference between a Fulani youth, Yoruba and Igbo, a Muslim and a Christian, PDP & APC, North and South, you spoke with one voice, you cooked for yourselves, cleaned all the places after protest etc. All these were done without a Leader. Everyone was doing voluntarily.

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This shows clearly that the problem of Nigeria is not leaders but Nigerians. If we decide to make it right individually and voluntarily, we can do it.

Leaders are gotten from citizens, when you have good citizens you will definitely have good Leaders.”

He pleaded further, “Until we start protesting against ourselves, taking personal decisions concerning personal change, we can’t achieve the Nigeria of our dreams.

I took a personal decision as a Dubai based Nigerian to come back to Nigeria and lead the way of creating another Nigeria inside Nigeria. Since February 2020. I have been protesting against the white supremacy through “AFRICA WAKE UP’ programs. Mental and financial revolution conferences, embarked on technological advancement projects.

I successfully created Samzuga chat which works exactly but with better features than WhatsApp, SamzugaNET which works exactly but with better features than Facebook, ZUGACOIN which is exactly like Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies.

We are currently building exchange platform for cryptocurrencies after building a payment gateway that works exactly like interswitch, flutterwave and quickteller etc.”

On the way forward, the Philanthropist cleric charged every able Nigerian youth to take advantage of the different listed projects to better their lives.

“We can stop using Whatsapp and Facebook and concentrate on our own social media platforms like China. Billionaires can be made through this platforms. We are also giving out free zugabites now, let every Nigerian Youth take advantage of this free offer and click on the telegram link bot below to claim free zugabites to begin their journey into financial freedom.

You can also register as a member of Samzuga Foundation Multi purpose cooperative society limited by depositing any amount of your capacity to the cooperative account details below. Send the proof of payment to the WhatsApp number below and we will give you 10 times the amount you deposited through ZUGACOIN. In 3 months time, you will be amazed at the growth of your money.


Our membership registration will close on 30/11/2020 while ZUGACOIN will begin ICO on 1st December 2020.

The offer of free zugabites ends on the 14th of November 2020.

Send a message to the following Samzuga chat number or Whatsapp if you want to be part of the ICT team to contribute your quota in any way.


Let us stop waiting for someone to fail so that we can laugh at the person that he or she has started but couldn’t finish, but we can support in any little way we can without waiting for official invitation. We can make things better in Nigeria without necessarily depending on Government, particularly in this era of technological advancement. Thank you and God bless you.

Archbishop Dr Sam Zuga (Jehovah’s Field Marshall).”