September 9, 2020

Your mum left legacy of love, leadership, Otuaro consoles Ekanpou

By Etop Ekanem

Deputy Governor of Delta State, Deacon Kingsley Otuaro, yesterday, noted that mother of award-winning author, Ekanpou Enewaredideke, late Mrs. Timiebi Maika Ekanpou “shared her amazing love, care and leadership qualities” while she walked the earth.

“Mum, we most certainly love you, miss you and pray the Lord to keep you in his bossom,” Otuaro further penned in the condolence register of Late Mrs. Timiebi Maika Ekanpou maintained at Mr. Ekanpou Enewaredideke’s residence in Warri.

Earlier, Otuaro advised Mr. Enewaredideke Ekanpou, also an activist and journalist, to find strength in God Almighty over his mother’s death, which occurred about a week ago. Late Mrs. Timiebi Maika Ekanpou, aged 79, hails from Akparemogbene, Oyangbene and Ayakoromor communities in Burutu Local Government Area of Delta State.

“On behalf of my entourage, I wish to say we heard the shocking news of your mother’s death and decided we pay you this condolence visit. We are here to encourage you, to strengthen you in this trying moment. Please take heart and find strength in God Almighty. The vacuum created by the death of your lovely and inspiring mother will be filled by God Almighty who has been your strength. Please don’t hesitate to inform us about the burial programme ahead so we can be part of it,” Otuaro said.

Otuaro used the visit to continue his hunt for young talents by seeking out for recognition Master Gesi Ekanpou, son of Mr. Enewaredideke Ekanpou and student of Good Citizens College, Warri for doing an artistic portrait of the Deputy Governor, Deacon Otuaro.

Son of the deceased, Mr Enewaredideke Ekanpou, who won the Okpewho Isidore price for Literature 2004 has several books to his credit that expresses his skill in all genres of writing.

Ekanpou in his comment said: “My mother, Mrs. Timiebi Maika Ekanpou was a great story teller whose art and content were often a source of inspiration to my writing.”