September 1, 2020

Water Resource Bill: Group alleges plans to monopolize cattle business across middle-belt

The Middle Belt Conscience Guard (MBCG) has raised an alarm over plots to monopolize cattle rearing business in the Middle-Belt.

The Middle Belt Conscience Guard (MBCG), which made this known at a press conference on Tuesday in Abuja, also warned for the region not be set on on fire with “inflammatory rhetorics” against the National Water Resources Bill.

According to National President, Prince Enero, some persons perceive the Fulanis as a threat to the seemingly booming cattle business.

The bill initiated in 2019, among other things, seek to establish a regulatory framework for the water resources sector, provide for the equitable and sustainable development management, use and conserve Nigeria’s surface water, groundwater resources and related matters.

The group, therefore, challenged such persons to prove that their “belligerent stance is not because they see themselves as being in competition with pastoralist Fulani in cattle rearing”.