September 19, 2020

Tips to get off to a good start with the electronic cigarette

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The electronic cigarette is a cigarette that does not contain tobacco and does not burn. It uses something called atomizer. The atomizer is responsible for expelling vapor from e-liquid.

The 5 main substances of an electronic cigarette are:

– Propylene glycol, is the element that transforms into vapor and transports the flavors and nicotine (if any)

– Vegetable glycerin, helps to thicken the vapor and make it whiter, it is also used to transport nicotine and flavors. Many E liquids have propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin mixed in to achieve a balance between flavor and vapor density.

– Flavors. They are responsible for the flavors of e-liquid.

– Alcohol.

– Water.

Some names are weird and some of them sound fatal, but don’t worry, we have put links to the wikipedia of the substances that scare the most … but what is more than guaranteed and confirmed is that these 5 elements are less harmful to health than the more than 4000 substances that carry traditional tobacco.

The effect produced by electronic cigarettes are not exactly the same as those produced by conventional cigarettes, but there is a pleasure that is very comparable to that of smokers.

Buy the material

It may sound stupid, but buying good equipment is essential to having good results with the E cig. If you buy the right equipment you can be convinced from minute 1, but if you buy cheap or not suitable equipment you may think that the result of vaping is null, without effect, even thinking that it is foolish.

The first advice that I give you is that you buy electronic cigarettes in which it is possible to change the flavor, it is essential to be able to try several flavors until you find your favorite, find the level of nicotine that satisfies you. I always insist on saying that those who sell in pharmacies and physically simulate traditional cigarettes are a real rubbish, very expensive and I do not know anyone who has found it effective. You can visit vape shops and start choosing the most suitable one.

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Not quitting completely

I suppose you already know, but quitting smoking is hell, it depresses and is very stressful. From my own experience, what I advise you is that you do not pressure or overwhelm yourself to completely quit smoking.

You cannot think that it is a miracle weapon whose result is that you will not remember what a cigarette is. It took me 3 months to gradually reduce the consumption of cigarettes to finally switch to my electronic cigarette. If you do it in this gradual way, you will be able to see how you reduce tobacco consumption significantly and you can even stop smoking completely.

Visit industry forums and blogs.

At the beginning, the use of some models such as MODS can be complicated, so it is very important to be in contact with groups of people who have more experience, they provide tips and tricks on use and maintenance.

It is also essential to feel supported once you take the step to stop smoking, in these places, you will find people who are in the same situation as you and many others who have already overcome it. A good tip is that you go through the vapers forum and E cigforo there are many open topics with questions and answers, surely many of them, you are already doing them.

Vary the flavors of the liquids.

The ideal, as I have mentioned before, is to vary the flavors of the liquids. There are many companies that are dedicated to manufacturing these products and you would be amazed to know the amount of different brands and flavors that currently exist on the market.

You have to taste flavors. The more flavors you try, you will find flavors that you like the more, and that is a way to multiply the pleasures of vaping. I have come to try flavors that I have liked so much, that I have reached the point of hating the taste of the traditional cigarette, it is a matter of time and a bit of curiosity.

Hopefully my experience can be a source of inspiration for those of you who want to start vaping. Thanks for reading.