September 23, 2020

Quality Healthcare Delivery: Paelon Memorial Hospital Reaches SafeCare Level 5

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In recognition of its hard work in healthcare delivery, PharmAccess Foundation has presented Level 5 Certificate to Paelon Memorial Hospital, Lagos.

Presenting the certificate, Country Director PharmAccess Foundation, Njide Ndili, said the Hospital was considered worthy of the honour after a comprehensive assessment which indicated that the hospital has significantly improved its healthcare delivery and the quality of services to patients.

“Through the SafeCare initiative we did a comprehensive assessment of the hospital, identified its quality gaps, designed a tailored 18-month quality improvement plan and supported execution of the plan. As a result, the hospital has significantly improved its healthcare delivery and the quality of services to patients.”

While receiving the certificate, the Managing Director, Paelon Memorial Hospital, Dr. Ngozi Onyia, explained that he hospital commenced its accreditation process 18 months ago, building on initial quality improvement efforts with PharmAccess Foundation.

According to her, the program has ensured quality service delivery and increased the hospital’s brand equity. She commended PharmAccess Foundation team for discharging a quality work during the exercise and for supporting the hospital throughout the process.

In her own remarks,  the Director of Quality, Dr Ibironke Dada assured that PharmAccess Nigeria will continue to expand and scale its SafeCare Quality Improvement Methodology to support both private and public healthcare facilities offering primary, secondary, and tertiary services in Nigeria.

‘‘The award was a second-time achievement of SafeCare since embarking on her quality improvement journey. She remains the only hospital in Nigeria to achieve this feat.

‘‘Paelon Memorial Hospital has been in operation for 9 years and has achieved a high degree of acceptance in the healthcare community in Lagos State.

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‘‘The hospital has continued to achieve great strides in excellent service delivery since enrolling in PharmAccess Foundation’s SafeCare Quality Improvement Program in 2014.

‘‘Her dedication to providing safe, timely, and evidence-based care to patients led Paelon to being the first hospital in Africa to achieve a SafeCare Level 5, in 2016.’’

PharmAccess Foundation, Joint Commission International (JCI) and the Council for Health Service Accreditation Southern Africa (COHSASA) had created the SafeCare Standards and Quality Improvement Methodology in 2011.

This was in response to the shortage of institutions and standards for objective measurement and rating of the quality of basic health care facilities in Africa.

SafeCare is the first internationally accredited standards designed for healthcare facilities in resource-restricted settings.

The SafeCare Standards are holistic covering of a full range of management, clinical, clinical support and ancillary components required for the safe and efficient provision of healthcare services, creating a platform for transparency, benchmarking and self-regulation.