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September 28, 2020

People Talk: On FG’s plan to spend $1.96bn on Kano-Niger Republic rail line


Minister of Transport, Rotimi Amaechi

Rotimi Amaechi

By Bose Adelaja & Olayinka Latona

“How could the FG come up with such an idea? Potable water, is a luxury; no electricity, roads are death traps, health facilities lack basic drugs, education sector is in a shambles; agreements reached with ASUU a decade ago are yet to be met! $1.96bn is about N800bn.

“It can do a lot for us. We are celebrating 60 years of independence yet Ghana and SA are treating Nigerians with disdain. It really hurts!” —Seun Barbra, Public Servant

“I think the FG has denied it but if it’s true, I wonder the economic importance of that project to have made them think of committing such huge chunk of money to such project.

“Such money could be channelled into a more profitable venture that will benefit more Nigerians directly.” —Mordi Benjamin,
Media professional

“This sounds like tales by moonlight. Who is advising this FG? Is Kano – Niger Republic rail line the need of the hour? The money should be spent on rehabilitation of schools, roads, electricity, affordable stalls for traders and many other things that will improve the standard of living of Nigerians.

“They should stop playing on the intelligence of the masses.” —Charles Ihemaeibiri, Teacher

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“The FG seems to have lost track. If not, how can it plan to spend $1.96bn on Kano – Niger Republic rail line when our local rails have collapsed?

“The gridlock in the Apapa axis would have improved if the rails are functioning. Tell them to have a rethink by reversing such plans. Haba!” —Gift Benson, Sales Rep

“In my opinion, spending $1.96bn on Kano – Niger Republic rail is misplaced priority. How on earth will Nigeria spend such outrageous amount on a project that to me, will not add value to the nation’s economy?

“Niger Republic is not part of our country, why not plan and build rail lines to Ondo and Ekiti states?” — Mr Ayodele Oladimeji,

“I think constructing a rail line from one part of the country to another part will benefit Nigerians more than this plan to spend $1.96bn on constructing a rail line from Nigeria to Niger Republic. I think it is a misplaced priority.” William Jimoh, Educator

Vanguard News Nigeria.