September 22, 2020

Peace Mass Transit recommends compulsory eye test for all its drivers

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Peace Mass Transit, PMT, a leading transport and logistics company in Nigeria, recommends compulsory eye test for all its drivers as part of ensuring the safety of its teeming passengers.

But in a what looks like an affirmation to PMT’s proactive step, An optometrist who  recommends compulsory eye tests for all drivers,  was shocked to find out that Peace Mass Transit already ensures that all prospective drivers undergo an eye  test, as part of the employment assessment process

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A Nigerian optometrist Dr Florence Idika Obiechi has taken to her wall Facebook to share her experience with an applicant who applied for a driver job vacancy with Peace Mass Transit

This is what she shared below:

The Relative Contribution of Vision and Transportation.

A patient walked into the clinic today for a comprehensive eye check to enable him to get a driving job at Peace Mass Transit, this got me elated because some Transport Companies might be on the facile process for driver’ selection.

The patient was diagnosed with Glaucoma no depression on his visual field at 30°, with proper management he will not be losing his vision. To have such compulsory eye check, the company has successfully prevented the irreversible loss of blindness in future for the young man and gotten a good efficient driver who won’t lose his vision in the long run.

This is nice and recommendable as according to Mr Anthony Oko of  FRSC, 50% of an accident that happened in Nigeria was as a result of poor sight.

The relative importance of vision to driving cannot be overemphasised as there are different pathologist that affect vision and will prevent the individual from driving in critical conditions, some drivers are meant to drive only during day time while others can do well both in day time driving and night driving. This is not just important for commercial drivers, it is also important for private drivers, as long as you have a car ensure you get that comprehensive eye check today to keep you and your beloved one safe.

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