September 28, 2020

Nigeria should return to parliamentary system of government ― Amechi

Mbazulike Amechi

By Chimaobi Nwaiwu – Nnewi

One of the remaining fathers of Nigeria and 1st Republic Aviation Minister, Chief Mbazulike Amechi, has called for the parliamentary system of Government, saying that the presidential system of government is not working Nigeria.

Speaking with Vanguard, Chief Amechi also recommended that state governments should be allowed to manage their resource and their affairs, asking Nigeria to forget the unitary system of government, the army created because it was continent for them.

“Let the country go back to the original design whereby the states managed their own affairs, is easier to control, let them go back again to Parliamentary system of government because this presidential system is not working, unitary system of government was the brainchild of the military because it was continent for them.

In Parliamentary system with a mistake of a majority vote of one in the House of Representatives, the Prime Minister goes, but this time it is almost impossible to remove a non-performing President, it will be almost impossible to remove a non performing Governor from office.”

He also said that there is so much corruption in Nigeria which is the reason Presidential system of government is not working, adding that the people expected yo steer the affairs of the country are very corrupt, and also making it impossible for the fight against corruption to succeed.

“The fight against corruption has to start from the top, no doubt that the job of fighting corruption will not be easy because the people who are in power or in control of things are the corrupt people, with the former Governors who stole their states dry finding themselves in the Senate and wielding power and control in the Senate and in the country.

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“So very soon you will have a Senate that is almost 65% former corrupt Governors, and so it is not going to be easy for the man in charge of the country, they will circumvent any effort he is making to fight corruption.

“Look at what they are doing with the former Chairman of Economic and Financial Crime Commission, EFCC, Mr Ibrahim Magu, that was a man the Senate rejected two or three times based on the reports against him, yet the President imposed him on the country, he ended “Maguing” the country.

“Yes everybody has seen the way he was exposed, that was a lesson for Nigerian leaders. The Senate had the boldness to say we reject this man, no we do not want him, DSS wrote a report against him exposed the man to the Senate, that they were not going to allow him to head EFCC.

“The government insisted on having him and his name was sent to the Senate again that he should not be made EFCC Chairman yet the government insisted on him, so he did what he did and do you blame him, is the government that you should blame.

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“This is the only country where rats and other animals swallow millions of Naira and Dollars, and it is swept under the carpet, how can you run a country like that.

There is injustice and marginalization against some section of the country particularly, the Igbos, while some section of the country behave, and are also treated as if only them own Nigeria.

“So if there will be peace in this country, there must be equity, because what the government is doing now is very unfair, there is a very powerful section of Nigeria, the Igbo side of Nigeria, you cannot say they do not exist, you don’t care about them, you will never have peace because their brothers known what they are going through now.

“The Igbo man says that when you are burying a slave with an ordinary shovel and some sand from the bucket, let the other slave not glorify because it is the same method that will be used for him.

“One day when it is the turn of the West, they will treat them that way.

“If there will be peace in this country, there must be an assurance to Ndigbo that they belong to this country, and by this there must be an Igbo President of Nigeria, a Nigerian President of Igbo extraction.

“The Igbos, on the other hand, must accept the reality that the North has the majority population and all the broker bridges between the Igbos and the North must be repaired if we will have anything in this country.”

Vanguard News Nigeria.