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…Signs pact with 9mobile and MTN

The Nigeria lottery industry has received a boost with a new gaming platform, TYLgames, the game will be partnering MTN and 9monile to offer a new gaming proposition in the industry.

Speaking, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Humber Lottery, owners of TYLgames, Mr. Andrew Humber-Osofisan at launch in Lagos said: “TYLgames is committed to ensuring that people play responsibly and that they are rewarded accordingly”, he said. He also stated that “TYLgames is much more than a gaming platform. It’s a way to distribute wealth, mitigate individuals’ daily cash-flow issues, and address some of the societal issues plaguing the masses. We do not claim to make people overnight millionaires, but we guarantee every player a chance to be fairly rewarded daily. TYLgames is that window of opportunity which they can seize to get the reward they deserve”.

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On why TYLgames is launching at this time, he said: “The move to launch TYLgames at this time (Covid-19 pandemic) is strategic, “as fear, hopelessness, and depression from the pandemic overwhelms, I feel for the people and believe that TYLgames is a spark to rekindle hope for people to get back up and win again!” he added.

About the “Winning Code”, 33088, Humber-Osofisan stated: “We call 33088 the winning code because, with it, you can positively change a life. 33088 is like medicine you take to relieve financial/money issues. As paracetamol can relieve headache, body pain or fever so is dialing 33088 can relieve hunger, brokenness, poverty, and all cash-flow symptoms. Just dial the code 33088 for relief”, he said.

TYLgames has turned the focus away from gaming, and now placing it in gamers’ hands the power to transform lives with each game they play hence the acronym “TYL”



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