September 19, 2020

I have waited so long for this big moment – Ojayy Wright

I have waited so long for this big moment – Ojayy Wright
Ojayy Wright

By Ayo Onikoyi

Even though he has a last name which rings a bell, Ojayy Wright, still craves true music stardom and the music act believes his time is near.

Like many artistes before him, Ojayy Wright professed his lofty dreams of becoming the go-to star in the industry and he appears relentless in the pursuit.

His much anticipated EP which is scheduled to be released later this year will be the turning game for him, the singer believes.

While his critics keep writing him off due to no fault of his, the talented singer has kept his game tight and focused on the bigger picture, telling those who underrate him to see him take over the industry in style.

With COVID-19 pushing many dreams down the line, Ojayy sees this as a blessing in disguise as he was able to use the lockdown period to work more on his craft, and one could tell from his new music projects that the young man is not here for jokes.

The singer who is the son of veteran actress Bukky Wright said he had waited long for this big time in his career, adding that he would ride on these waves for a long time and show his critics that he remains the one to beat.

“It is about time to show the world why they should bank on me when it comes to quality music. At this point, they have to adjust to the fact that a new act is about to take over. This is going to be different from any other artiste or project that penetrated the industry in the past.”

To prove that his music stardom is almost upon us, Wright cites his latest single, ‘Erika’. Going by numbers and airwaves features, ‘Erika’ may rival many ‘hit’ songs and Wright is happy that some recognition is coming his way for his music.

“I wanted to talk about a strong black woman who is a strong, independent, courageous, sexy black woman. During the process of creation, Erykah Badu came to mind. So, we worked with ‘Erika’.