September 4, 2020

Gtext Homes goes virtual, reveals post COVID-19 plans

Gtext Homes

By Juliet Ebirim

Against the backdrop of the harsh realities necessitated by the global pandemic and the dynamism of the real estate sector, leading real estate solutions provider, Gtext Homes, has hit the ground running by unveiling its post-COVID-19 plans.

Speaking in Lagos recently, CEO of Gtext Homes, Stephen Akintayo while highlighting some of the firm’s new features, said the real estate industry could solve unemployment in Nigeria and also boost the country’s economy.

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“We have been working virtually for about a year and its worked fantastically well. 90 per cent of our clients are based in the diaspora. Also, most people felt the COVID 19 pandemic would have a negative impact on the sector, but no, it just changed the sector. There would be more residential accommodation than commercial accommodation going forward. We are also working on a cooperative, that we will launch very soon, which is a tech cooperative to start building tech hubs.”

Gtext Homes Limited holds the credit for being the first fully virtual real estate company in Nigeria and they also boast of a 24/7 CRM sales team.

Speaking further, Akintayo said “We also announced our 100,000 job creation portal, where we are giving out 15% of our income on every property to realtors and with the new process automated, we are hoping that we can create at least 100 thousand jobs using this model in the next 12 months. We just moved to Abuja, we are now in Ibadan, we are launching Ogun state generally very soon. So we expect expanding to other states”

Asides the above, the firm also takes pride in the launch of “The Investment” chat in a Beetle (A.K.A The Beetle Show) and having the first of its kind realtor’s lounge.

On his part, Fuji musician Abass Akande Obesere, one of the brand ambassadors of the real estate company said: “Gtext Homes Limited is a very dependable, and reliable company. Whatever promise they make, they keep to it, and that is why I’m associating with them.”

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