L-R: Chief Executive Officer Enyo Retail and Supply, Mr. Abayomi Awabokun; Corporate Development Lead, Enyo Retail and Supply, Mr. Olabanjo Alimi; Sales and Marketing Lead, Enyo Retail and Supply; Mrs. Habiba Abubakar; and Chief Financial Officer, Enyo Retail and Supply Mr. Fernando Madeira, during the unveiling announcement of Velox in Lagos recently…

…leverages technology to improve customer experience

As part of its efforts towards bolstering customer experience, Enyo Retail and Supply, leading fuels retailing company in Nigeria has introduced its secure, automated fleet & fuel management solution – Velox.

The product which offers customers the ability to control their fuel and energy purchases is in line with the company’s objective of leveraging technology to revolutionize Nigeria’s downstream sector.

Velox is a wallet-based payment solution accessible to corporates and individuals through a dedicated card or sticker and is specifically designed to bring ease, transparency and control of purchases within Enyo’s products and services portfolio.

Tailored to fit each customer’s requirements, Velox offers customizable solutions including when and how payments are made, ability to set consumption & credit limit, as well as monitoring consumption. Featuring a “Do It Yourself” portal on the ENYO website, customers can request for Velox by filling a registration form with Bio-Data, Vehicle Details, and Payment Details. Customers then select the nearest ENYO station from where they would like to pick up their card which will be available within 24hrs.

Commenting on Velox, Mr. Abayomi Awobokun, Chief Executive Officer, ENYO Retail and Supply, said, “ENYO Retail was established in 2017 as a technology focused fuels retailing company to meet the growing energy needs of Nigeria. We have a goal of utilizing technology to transform the downstream petroleum network in Nigeria and this was the logic behind Velox”.

“We want our customers to be in control of the fuel purchasing process and their expenses as simplifying the customer experience is at the heart of our efforts. At ENYO, we will seek channels to improve upon and constantly innovate to ensure overall convenience and satisfaction for our customers across Nigeria”, said Abayomi.

Also commenting, Olabanjo Alimi, Corporate Development Lead, ENYO Retail and Supply said, “Velox was conceived out of the need to create a gateway to the ENYO ecosystem of products and services by leveraging a convenient and controlled technological solution. Last year, our pilot scheme which was launched successfully demonstrated the pertinence of this solution and its prospective value to customers. Velox has proven to be a safe, simple and convenient way of managing not only one’s fuel expenses but also purchasing other products and services provided by Enyo fuel stations across Nigeria”.

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Assuring a safe experience for customers, Velox is secured with data encryption technology to protect customers’ information and funds from unauthorized access. This is in addition to customer’s PIN to deliver an extra layer of protection. The Velox system also allows automatic communication between customer’s Velox account & card, the Velox POS as well as the dispensing pump for very minimal human intervention in the fueling process hereby reducing human error and theft.

With Velox, Enyo’s customers can now experience a simpler and smoother process with access to all their transactional information along with frequent invoicing and monthly statements either on the Velox platform or emailed to them. In addition, they’re supplied with a comprehensive transaction history that details vehicles fuel consumption and route costs. This details information such as the service station used, date, time of purchase and odometer reading. Most importantly, it provides alerts to any purchases that customers have not pre-approved in their customized selection.

Furthermore, customers can select their preferred payment option for Velox wallet funding including Bank Transfer, USSD, Debit Card and Internet Banking. In addition to the benefits of Velox, customers are able to earn ENYOThankU loyalty points whenever a purchase of Enyo’s product or service is made online or physically. Velox is currently available at designated Enyo Service Stations across 12 states including Lagos, FCT, Ogun, Oyo, Rivers, Benue, Cross River, Delta, Enugu, Imo, Kaduna, Niger – and as part of its expansion plans, the company aims to deploy Velox across all its service stations in Nigeria.



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