#EdoDecides2020: Obaseki, Lagos, Tinubu, Oshiomhole, Ambode top trends on Twitter

By David Royal

As the Edo election results continue to fall in like a pack of cards, for some, the finish line is clear and social media is agog with the revelation of the results so far.

The Independent National Electoral Commission has so far announced the results of 14 local government areas with the Peoples Democratic Party’s candidate, Godwin Obaseki winning in most of the councils.

Twitter users who are in support of Obaseki’s reelection have expressed satisfaction with the outcome of the election results so far whiling calling out on Oshiomhole, Tinubu, Ganduje for going against Obaseki who was once a member of APC.

The supporters also commended Governor Wike of Rivers State for his relentless efforts to make sure PDP comes out victoriously in the Edo Election.

Below are some comments gathered on Twitter:

@Miss_Somoruyi wrote “So Apc that didn’t pay salaries for over a year in Edo state is expecting Obaseki to lose? Obaseki paid salaries every month and even promoted local govt workers. He even cleared Oshomhole’s backlog. EPA, we dey your back!! @GovernorObaseki ”

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@Mazigburugburu1 “Kudos to the Edo people Resounding Gbosas to President Buhari Nuff Respect to INEC and Prof Mahmood Yakubu Hat tip to Security Operatives Thumbs up to APC & PDP Heads bowed to Oba of Benin Big ups to Democracy Finally, Congratulations to Gov Obaseki.”

@Daddy_Noms “Oshiomole copied the Formation that Tinubu used in Lagos but Obaseki unlike Ambode knew his tactics, he used his GenGen Press well & defended like the Italian Mafians. Obaseki has gone Bayern on Ize-iyamu, I’ll 8-2 remind you how that scoreline went.”

@DrOlufunmilayo “Some lessons from Edo
•Create your own loyalists
•Build your own base
•Be seen as competent by people
•Connect directly with grassroots

This is how to win elections in Nigeria DESPITE a godfather against you

Worked for Fashola.
Working for Obaseki.
And is why Ambode failed.”

@SodiqTade “For the record, Obaseki defeated Tinubu, Oshiomhole, Ize Iyamu, Tony Kabaka, thugs, touts and other Democrats.”

@KopasForum” Obaseki and the good people of Edo state deserve commendations for their choice and display of statesmanship. Edo people voted and stood their grounds. Give them the credit they deserve! #EdoDecides2020″

@HeadofBoo “A win for Obaseki is not necessarily a win for PDP but a systematic win against godfatherizm in the country. #EdoDecides2020”

@renoomokri “They brought Ganduje, they brought @elrufai, they brought Tinubu. Yet, they still lost. Shame on them. God bless Edo!

@MrOdanz “Any loss for Asiwaju Tinubu is a huge victory for Nigeria. We need him to keep capitulating outside Lagos.”

@MrOdanz “My dear Lagosians, it is very possible for you to break the chains of your slavery and be free from Tinubu. How long will you continue being in shackles?

“Your city is deteriorating, illiterates, thugs and hoodlums rule over your city. Be like Edo people and get rid of your demigod”

@AbubakarAAliyu7 “If INEC announce final result on Edo gubernatorial election and it turns to be PDP that wins.God knows Oshiomhole/Tinubu have tried their best, but Buhari and some APC govs are to be blamed. You fit touch any PDP gov during PDP era? PDP decides who win what during their era”

@Billwizmiz “What happened now with Obaseki almost happened during Fashola’s second term.. Tinubu would have lost woefully if he didn’t later support fashola because omo people were ready to kill for fashola in that 2011”

@kunleMyk “Ambode couldn’t have pulled up what Obaseki did. “My Opinion”. I don’t think most Lagosians liked him as his administration was nothing close to what Fashola did, Ambode had a lot of issues going on. Even if Ambode decamped and the elections was Fair, he would have still lost.”

@Seyi__ “APC legit brought Ganduje to come and market the Ize-Iyamu who has an EFCC case around his neck. The Iyamu who Oshiomole told the world was a rusticated cultist who poured acid on someone. Una bold for that party abeg.”

@Damilolaaa “It’s not really about Godfatherism. Obaseki performed as a governor and it was very clear . Similar to what fashola did in his first tenure, if Fashola had gone to another party for his 2nd tenure he would have won . If you stand out you can beat any godfather.”

@AbangMercy “Is Obaseki really that popular ? When did he start building his political structure ? Is this a people’s movement against Oshiomhole ? He only moved to the PDP a few nights ago. Is there something an “Ambode” in Politics should learn ?


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