Dear Bunmi

Hubby wants me to wear sexier clothes

Dear Bunmi,

My husband and I have been married for 15 years and have two lovely children, and I still love him as much.

But throughout our marriage, he has always asked me to dress more sexily. He’d love me to wear skimpy, low cut tops to enhance my boobs, and tight fitting trousers.

He even buys me eye-popping gears when he travels, and gets very upset when I won’t wear them. But it’s simply not me. I’d look silly dressed like a teenager in heat.

Why is he being so shallow even at his age and status as a happily married man? Why can’t he understand that there is a limit a mother of two could be adventurous in her dressing?

I mean, if he doesn’t like me in my comfortable jeans and T-shirts, and my sensibly but trendy clothes, then he can’t really like me at all…or what do you think?

Gori, by e-mail.

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Dear Gori,

I would go easier on your husband, if I were you. Men and women are made differently. Women typically get more turned on by words— romantic murmurs, dirty talks, erotic tales

 Men, on the other hand, get turned on by looks — the sight of a gorgeous body does it for them in a way that it just doesn’t for a woman.

I don’t think that your man is being shallow at all; he is just being a man! I think he sees you as a very sexual woman…and that is why he wants to see you dress sexually.

 Next time he buys you sexy outfits, why not indulge him — for no other reason than that you love him? You need not go on the street dressed in them, but what about in the bedroom?



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