September 30, 2020

Data Protection: Unitellas links Zadara to empower local service providers

data security

data security

data security

By Juliet Umeh

To enable government agencies and local service providers seamlessly store and protect sensitive data, data company, Unitellas International Ltd has linked with global data company, Zadara to empower Nigerians to meet up with International Managed Service Providers, MSP, standards with Zadara data storage solution.

According to the partners, they will be providing local service providers with Infrastructure-as-a-service and Enterprise-Storage-as-a-service model which eliminates huge Capital Expenditure, CapEX, with minimum Operational Expenditure OpEX.

Speaking during the launch in Lagos, the MD/CEO of Unitellas International Ltd, Mr. Smith Osemeke, said by subscribing to Zadara data storage services,, local service providers and MSPs can now offer

data storage and compute services with the latest data protection mechanism competing effectively with renowned public cloud providers in infrastructure, security, pricing, management and service.

Pointing at data storage challenges, Osemeke said: “Local service providers in Nigeria cannot compete with international cloud service providers this has caused a lot of companies in Nigeria to patronize international public cloud service providers by storing data from Nigeria into other countries thereby making it practically impossible to comply with the local content law policy.”

“As a result, financial service institutions, FSI, and other key organizations invest millions of Dollars annually in acquiring and managing IT Infrastructures instead of focusing on their core businesses because they must have an IT department to build and manage their data storage infrastructure, a service that is supposed to be handled by local service providers in Nigeria,” he explained.

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On the benefits of linking to the platform, Osemeke explained that Zadara will empower local service providers to offer Data Immutablity, a service that is exclusively offered by public cloud providers such as AWS, Azure and Google Cloud.

According to him, immutable back-up or storage implies that data stored is fixed, unchangeable and cannot be deleted for a period of time or in some cases sometimes forever.

He said: “On-boarding to these services is cost-effective. Subscription to Zadara Data Storage Services is about four times lower than the Public Cloud pricing. On subscription to a minimum of 50 Terabyte (TB) scalable to the required needs of the organization.

“Unitellas will deliver the storage device, hardware, to the organization’s data center. Implementation involving the delivery and installation of the hardware will take approximately four weeks and key IT staffs of the organization will be trained on how to use the provided services.

“As the sole distributor of Zadara storage solution in the region, Unitellas is willing to implement immutability storage, enterprise Data as-a-service, Infrastructure-as-a-service to all Government Agencies and service providers in Nigeria with no infrastructural cost only pay by consumption.”

He added: “We are willing to migrate all existing data of the organizations’ that are willing to subscriber to Zadara platform without fee.”