September 4, 2020

Canada slaps first fines on plane travellers without masks

Canada slaps first fines on plane travellers without masks

Two Canadians have been fined Can$1,000 (US$765) each for refusing to wear masks on passenger flights, marking the first such sanctions against travelers in the country amid the ongoing coronavirus crisis, the transportation ministry announced Friday.

Under a federal order, all travelers must wear a face mask during boarding, the flight itself and when disembarking.

The two infractions occurred on WestJet domestic flights in June and July.

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“In both incidents, the individuals were directed repeatedly by the air crew to wear their face coverings during the flights and in both cases, the individuals refused,” Transport Canada said in a statement.

Face masks have become de rigueur in many public spaces, and especially on planes and trains, since the coronavirus outbreak.

So far, Canada has recorded more than 130,000 virus cases and more than 9,000 deaths.