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Over the years now, Africa’s too much focus and reliance on the government to bring development has kept the continent stagnant and economically poor, thereby making Africa the centre of Suck and Dump by Westerners, the reason being that the government rely on the Westerners for financial aids.

Truth be told, the governments have tried their best but failed and now, it is time for Africans to ignore the governments and build a new nation through the power of private sectors and the Trap and Reinvest system.

In the kick-off seminar of Africa’s Continental Supermarket Policy hosted by Charles N Lambert who is the commander in chief of Africa’s first Economic War, Lambert emphasized on the need for private sectors to control the economy of the continent, giving reasons that the government is always focused on winning elections instead of economic development.

According to Lambert, Africa is where it is today because the governments have been the ones at forefront of economic decisions in the continent.

Private sectors which contribute 80% of the continent’s Economic growth has the power to transform societies, boost prosperity, and enable citizens to thrive. This economic growth benefits the poorest members of society, accompanied by more and better jobs, which is one of the main routes out of poverty.

Explaining the Supermarket Policy as Africa’s first private sector policy, Lambert says the Black Wall Street platform would like the African women to champion the cause and own supermarkets across the continent which will put an end to “Suck and Dump” policy that has dominated the African nation by Westerners

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Lambert believes that all private sectors need to collaborate in connecting African businesses to better market opportunities, creating vibrant and competitive value chains, including production, processing, and distribution, which are key pathways to creating jobs and improving GDP.

In place of the “Suck and Dump” the private sector policy in Africa will respond with the “Trap and Reinvest” by providing alternative products to the products that are taking away money from Africa.

There are two entities playing dominant roles in the Economic War to Trap and Reinvest in the continent: one is the Redirect Mall, an online Mall with 1.2 million outlets across Africa to sell made in Africa for Africa.

While the second entity is the Black Wall Street which brings investment return for people who buy African products from the supermarket outlets or Redirect Mall.

Being part of the Supermarket Policy by owning a supermarket outlet does not require money to begin or for registration. Find out how to become part of the movement here

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