September 2, 2020

Unemployment: ActiveCode Business Hub targets 100,000 youths for training


…plans biggest Forex, Blockchain and Media Academy in Nigeria

By Ike Uchechukwu

In an effort to cushion the negative effect of COVID-19 as well as curb unemployment ActiveCode Business Hub is targeting 100,000 youths for empowerment between now and December 2020.

The Business Hub which has trained over 20,000 youths across the country in the last 36 months since its establisment in Calabar is poised to fighting poverty with knowledge of the foreign exchange trade and digital and media marketing.

Speaking with Journalists in Calabar on Wednesday, the Managing Director, Dr Theophilus Ogumbe said
Activecode Business Hub was set to empower the youths in the country with a system of knowledge that works.

Managing Director, Dr Theophilus Ogumbe

Managing Director, Dr Theophilus Ogumbe

According to the Forex expert, the platform would change the lives of millions of individuals and in the process Nigeria’s economy for better through skills acquisition in foreign exchange Market, Blockchain Technology and ICT.

Dr Ogumbe said he was that positive if Africa and Nigeria can leverage on the potentials Foreign Exchange Market, Blockchain Technology and ICT they can win the war against extreme poverty and unemployment.

His words:” With the knowledge of foreign exchange market, digital media and marketing a lot can be achieved in the reduction of poverty and unemployment.

“There is need for Cyber Space development by using blockchain technology to secure digital future of Nations. There is need for government to look into existing blockchain technology across the world, regulate and guide Blockchain Technology, Forex Trading and ICT to help business entities to be globally networked.

“It is high time government encouraged as well as sensitised the public to take advantages of the blockchain technology as well as check the activities of fraudsters by using the Forex and Blockchain Technology to defraud the society.

“The Blockchain and FX market in Nigeria is a growing market, mainly unexplored for the time being. Right now we do understand that with the level of funding in the market, the level of unemployment can be drastically reduced,” he said.

Speaking further he said they were targeting to empower 100,000 youths from September 10 till December 2020 because the digital world was now the new crude oil.

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He said: “Solving unemployment through FX market, Blockchain and digital marketing will be mainly through the transfer of knowledge because you need to particularly understand that all these are skill-based business. Trading in forex is not gambling and it has nothing to do with gambling.

“The bulk of our training is part of our own way to give back to society and not to make profit, but by helping to curb unemployment and poverty which Nigeria has become its headquartered.

“Activecode experts have the experience and skill set to teach the beginners to improve their financial blueprint with FX, Blockchain and digital skills, thereby turning time into money,”Ogumbe said

Vanguard learned that Activecode Business Hub is properly registered in the United Kingdom, United States of America and in Nigeria with the Corporate Affairs Commission with an Insurance cover from one of Europe’s biggest Insurance company AON Professional Indemnity and Hiscox America’s leading small business insurer.

On his part Also speaking, the Director Branding and Marketing, Kelvin Akparanta, said the foreign exchange market and digital marketing with ICT still remained largely unexplored in Nigeria and states that it’s the new oil.

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