September 2, 2020

ABIB to release New Music, IDAN

ABIB to release New Music, IDAN

For Babajide Bello, popularly known as ABIB music started like a dream back when he was in a music group as a rapper during his secondary school days and since then he has been on this beautiful journey of making good music and impacting his audience.

Talking about his kind of music he shares, ‘ Well I’ll define my kind of music as a spiritual healing to human souls and I’ll say it fits in to Afro soul genre. I infuse my creative imagination with personal experiences when writing even when my voice is shaking I always bask in the melodies of my sound not caring if I sing off key because I taught my heart how to sing strictly through music as it serves as an effortless expression of Babajide’s imaginations cued from real life experiences.’

Abib is a soul mixed with lots of magic and he is not afraid to say or do something wrong because he believes what you are not changing, you are choosing. Hence his style and direction gives rise to his set to release single, IDAN.

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Shedding light on his introductory single set for release this September he shares, ‘ I’m currently working on a four tracks project under AWC Management Solutions but ahead of that we would be releasing a song titled, IDAN and it is a way to share with the world what to expect of my forthcoming project and on the journey of my career. Basically I’m trying to put my experience together with my emotions in and make the world enjoy good music.’