August 18, 2020

Woman disrupts beach wedding over COVID-19 rules

Not all newlyweds make love on their wedding night

An unidentified woman has disrupted a beach wedding in the United States after taking it upon herself to enforce Coronavirus rules.

The incident occurred at Waimanalo Beach in Oahu, an island in the U.S. state of Hawaii, according to the New York Post.

A video of the encounter recorded by the wedding crasher was shared on Twitter by a user with the handle, @davenewworld_2.

The two-minute video, begins with the woman saying off camera that the wedding is holding in secret somewhere at the beach.

“They’re hiding, they’re hiding. Cops coming, health coming, everybody is coming.

“So, watch this, I am trying not to be rude, but I have had enough of this sh-t”, she says as the camera follows a bush path to the wedding spot.

“Yup!” She exclaimed as the small wedding group, comprising children, comes into view.

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“Aloha, aloha! That’s not your house, you’re lying,” the woman says as the bride points to a house nearby saying she stays there.

“This is a beach and the beach is closed. The cops are coming,” the woman rants.

She turns to an elderly man officiating the ceremony, accusing him of always “doing this for money”.

The group could be seen moving away from the beach toward the house, while the groom told the woman to stop harassing them.

“This is not harassing, the cops are coming,” the wedding crasher continues.

A guest could be heard telling her the beach was part of a property rented by the couple.

“You want to tell me about property? Let’s talk about property. It is an illegal property that was rented,” the woman replies.

According to New York Post, certain types of short-term rentals, including renting out an entire home to tourists for a short stay, is illegal in Oahu.

The paper report quoted the Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources as saying beach wedding permits on the island of Oahu were invalid until Sept. 4.

Surfing and swimming are allowed, but a social gathering on the beach is not, the paper said, adding that it could not tell whether the couple eventually tied the knot.

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