TikTokLeading short-form mobile video platform, TikTok, has taken the world by storm and has become increasingly popular in Nigeria simply because the platform provides its users with an experience like no other – the opportunity to create amazing content like a pro with the easy-to-use video capturing and editing tools available in-app.

The use of these tools across various content types have all played a major part in helping creators develop entertaining videos that garner the attention of a global audience. The best part is that you can create great content and grow your following based on your chosen specialty, whether it be fashion, beauty, comedy or sport- the platform encourages all types of creative expression.

This is what the latest in-app initiative, #TikTok101, is all about – top local creators sharing their tips and tricks with other users to help make their videos stand out and ultimately gain more views on the platform.

In light of the #TikTok101 launch, we spoke with two of Nigeria’s top content creators – comedian, @Tuna_comic, and fashionista, @Stylebydamie – who spilled the beans on just how easy it is to grow your account. Here are their tips for TikTok success.

Find your niche:

Chances are that being recognisable for a specific type of content has an effect on TikTok visibility. Audiences are drawn to what you have to say or post about these subject matters and it will inevitably have the effect of growing followership.

Tuna_comic: I believe there is no specific formula to grow on TikTok. As a new user, you just need to find a niche and be consistent.

Stylebydamie: Identify and stick to your niche that resonates with your personal brand or showcases your skills and talent. It’s important to remain authentic – your followers will love you for it.

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The power of consistency:

Both creators agreed that consistency is key to making an impact on the platform and increasing followership and engagement.

Tuna_comic: Posting consistently works best on TikTok. For example, I started my account on November 6th, 2019 and with the consistent posting of a single post a day, I grew my followership from 1 follower to 100k in 30days. My advice is for users to keep posting because one viral video can change everything.

Stylebydamie: I tell other users that they should post as often as possible. I would say every other day – more if possible.

Being creative and staying trendy:

One more tip is understanding that TikTok is all about creativity and by joining a trend, you increase your exposure to a global audience.

Tuna_comic: Using a relevant hashtag is very important. When you use a relevant hashtag, you are making it easier for TikTok to share your creativity with people.

Stylebydamie: Adding trending hashtags to your videos will improve the visibility of your posts. Definitely take a look at what’s popular on the platform when deciding to post.

Strength in collaboration:

One of the most understated points that both creators agreed on is the need for extensive collaboration by creators on TikTok.

Tuna_comic: Try collaborating with others on the platform as it’s really good for your account. It can help increase your exposure to new viewers.

Stylebydamie: I’d definitely advise engaging and collaborating with other content creators – especially ones that you relate to.

Invest in yourself and your content process:

For your videos to stand out, our creators agree that something extra is often needed to engage people and keep their attention.

Tuna comic: You need to invest in your videos if you are really serious about making it on the world’s most popular app. When I mean invest, you need to have good lighting, a good sound if possible and a mic. You also need to experiment with the easy-to-use in-app tools and play around with the filters. This will help you get onto people’s ForYou pages.

Stylebydamie: People are attracted to beauty. When your videos are clear, beautiful, properly shot and edited with nice filters, it is likely to get more attention.


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