Police…How I murdered scores – Oyo suspect

By James Ogunnaike

The news of two serial killers being on the rampage was enough to unnerve residents of Ogun and Oyo States.

And anxiety mounted when the suspect in the Oyo case escaped from custody before being rearrested days after.

But the suspect in Ogun, Feyisola Dosumu, was shot dead after the police, with assistance from local hunters, Vigilante Group of Nigeria (VGN) and So-Safe, on Tuesday, invaded his alleged hideout in Ogere and Iperu in Ikenne local government area of the state.

Dosumu, popularly known as ‘Spartan’, allegedly gained notoriety for hacking down no fewer than seven persons in Ogere and Iperu Remo between May and July this year.

The suspect, who was smoked out of the bush in Ogere Remo and, in the process, shot dead, had been declared wanted by the police on Friday, July 31 with a bounty of N1million placed on his head.

The graduate of Moshood Abiola Polytechnic (MAPOLY) Abeokuta was said to have been a thorn in the flesh of residents of Ogere Remo, his birthplace, after allegedly joining a cult group as soon as he gained admission into the polytechnic.

He was alleged to have taken to drugs and admitted at Neuro-Psychiatric Hospital, Aro, Abeokuta, for treatment for mental disorder but escaped and returned to Ogere where he became a nightmare.

Community sources said he was always boasting that he would kill as many residents as possible, hence the palpable tension among residents and those of other communities in Ikenne local government area.

Speaking with Sunday Vanguard, Adewale Osilanu, a community leader in Ogere, commended the police and other security agencies for capturing ‘Spartan’.

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Osilanu narrated, “Between May and last Tuesday when he was killed, we could not sleep with our two eyes closed because he could come at any time.

“He was behaving like spirit. Nobody knew when he would come. At least, he was able to kill seven persons before he was gunned down.

“Dosumu was a cultist and a drug addict. About three months ago, he hacked three persons to death at Ogere and Ikenne and two other persons on July 31.

“He murdered a nursing mother at Ogere and went ahead to kill a security guard attached to a poultry farm at Iperu Remo”.

Another resident of the community, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said a detachment of police and Vigilante as well as Neighborhood Watch went on the trail of the suspect the day he killed his last victim but couldn’t find him.

His words: “The police and Vigilante had been on his trail since his last attack and their doggedness paid off on Tuesday when he was killed”.

On his part, another resident, Samuel Olatunji, whose father was said to be a victim of Dosumu, said people in Ogere and Iperu could now come back to their homes which they deserted due to the continuous killing of people by the suspect.

The slain 53-year-old father of the resident was the Vice-Chairman of the Oluwatedo Community Development Association and had been living in the area for 30 years before he was killed on August 21.

Samuel said, “My father was coming from work and was about to enter his house when Dosumu confronted him and hacked him to death.

“He butchered him as if he was an animal. That was around 7.30pm. There was no disagreement between them. People saw him, but could not go near him.

“He has killed a lot of people in this community. Whenever he killed anyone and people went after him, he would mark the faces of his pursuers and later go to kill them in their houses.

“About a month ago, he killed a nursing mother, Mummy

Seun. He raped the woman and hacked her to death with a cutlass. “My father and I carried the woman’s corpse from a mortuary to the place of burial.

“But my father did not say anything to him to warrant this senseless killing.”

Samuel, who vowed to leave the community, lamented that many landlords had been deserting their houses because of the suspected serial killer.

A landlord, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the suspect had killed 15 residents since February 2020, alleging that Dosumu only went after settlers.

“Nobody knew where he lived. Once he killed anyone, he will run away”

Speaking on how the suspect was caught, Ogun State Commissioner of Police, Edward Ajogun, said “the suspect was shot dead by a joint effort of the police, local hunters and Vigilante in his hideout at Ogere.

He said, “Before my assumption of office, he had killed about four persons.

“His mode of operation is this: he lived in the bush in the community and, from time to time, he would sneak out and kill his victim with a machete.

“Then he progressed to selecting his victims and killing them.

“We combed the bush each time this thing happened. On April 21, Spartan killed another victim.

“Then the governor called that I should make sure to put a halt to the senseless killings.

“Of course, the Inspector General of Police also directed that we must fish out the killer.

“So since April 21, we had been in the bush looking for him.

“On (penultimate) Monday, we almost arrested him, but he slipped away.

“I now felt it was important to employ technology. So, we contacted our technical platform in Abuja which actually provided us assistance.

“On Tuesday, we were able to pin-point the location where he was hiding and, when we engaged him, he broke bottles again and drew the cutlass he had been using to hack people to death.

“We mailed him on the leg and it turned out to be fatal injury”.

How I murdered scores – Oyo suspect

If Spartan killed seven people in Ogun and the action ruffled feathers, now imagine what would have happened in Oyo where scores of people were alleged to have been killed by 19-year-old Sunday Shodipe who was nabbed by the police.

After his arrest, the suspect gave account of his activities at the Akinyele axis of the state.

But, few weeks after his arrest, Shodipe escaped from custody.

The re-arrest, however, calmed anger against the police which had been accused of negligence in the handling of the case of the suspect.


Following the manhunt launched by the police to apprehend suspects in connection with the killings in Akinyele, Shodipe was arrested and he narrated how he attacked his targets.

According to him, a certain herbalist, Adedokun Yinusa Ajani (50 years), was the one sending him on killing assignments.

He explained that anytime he wanted to go for operation, the herbalist would instruct him to kneel down and he (Ajani) would make some incantations and then put something on his tongue three times.

The suspected serial killer said that whenever he located his victims, he would hit them with a shovel and when they lie in a pool of their blood, he would make incantations and move around the body three times and then back it.

Shodipe disclosed that after each operation, he would return to the herbalist who would make some incantations again.

He confessed that he had carried out five operations.

When asked for the reasons for the killings, he said he didn’t know as it was the herbalist who was just sending him on the killing errands.

On his part, the herbalist said the principal suspect’s mother brought him to his house to say he was a wayward child and he did some spiritual work for him.

According to Ajani, however, after two months, the mother returned with the boy, asking him to learn how to become a herbalist.

“He had only spent six days with me when I told him to leave because I was not satisfied with his behaviour and it was not long after that that I was arrested by the police”.

Three weeks and four days after he was paraded, Shodipe escaped from custody only to be rearrested on August 11.

The suspect narrated the circumstances of his escape from police custody.

According to him, his escape, he attacked one Mrs Oladeji Funmilayo in her residence at Onikeke community, adding that he inflicted machete injuries on the woman on the head and left her in the pool of her own blood.

The victim was rushed to the University College Hospital (UCH) where she later gave up the ghost.



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