August 28, 2020

Salus Trust unveils Software Solution to tackle health insurance business issues

Salus Trust unveils Software Solution to tackle health insurance business issues

By Ekaette Bassey

The Chairman of the Board, Directors, and the Management of Salus Trust Limited,the HMO with a difference, has unveiled an End to End HMO Software Solution that is deployed to satisfactorily address the perennial problems faced by the health insurance business in Nigeria.

This Solution has come as a result of several years of Studies by Salus Trust and it is aimed at applying modern techniques of disruptive technologies to provide unbeatable satisfactory service delivery to Enrollees, Healthcare Providers, other stakeholders, and to make HMO operations more effective and efficient.

The Managing Director, Dr. Peter Oriavwote, gave the following as major added value of the Solution:

  1. Easy and speedy transactions between the HMO, Enrollees and Healthcare Providers
  2. Automatic Issuance of Authorization Code to solve problem of waiting time at the facility
  3. Ease of submission of claims online real-time by Care Providers
  4. Robust and real-time claims vetting protocol
  5. Robust Accounting system that leads to prompt settlement of claims
  6. Automatic scheduled E-mailing/SMS module for interaction with Enrollees/Providers
  7. Direct interface for compliantlodgement and resolution by Enrollees and Providers
  8. E-Consultation with Company’s Doctors to access care from enrollees’ comfort at homes/offices

Speaking at the unveiling ceremony, that was held virtually, the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Chief Anthony Idigbe, SAN, enjoined Healthcare providers to immediately on-board on this software Solution while seeing the enrollees/patients as their customers at all times. The Care providers must aim at satisfying the enrollees as their customers and see the HMO as a financial intermediary, He said.

Chief Jerry Chuwueke, Chairman of the Board Committee on Business, Strategy and Finance, addressed the issue of financial strength and business capabilities saying that Salus Trust has been strongly capitalized with more funds injected by Shareholders. He continued that the Company is raising additional funds from investors to further strengthen it to become thebest HMO to be reckoned with.

Speaking on behalf of Healthcare Providers, Dr. Jude Mbama expressed his satisfaction and gave the commitment of healthcare Providers to immediately on-board to take advantage of the Solution.