August 22, 2020

SADC: The Biggest Blockchain Event out of Africa


It’s no more news that centralized social media giants are making fortune from user data while invading user’s privacy with unsolicited advertisements.

Swirge, a decentralized social platform, built on Blockchain Technology, sets to revolutionize the social media industry. First, to reward users with cryptocurrency for socializing, and also protecting users privacy through the distributed ledger technology that even the Swirge administrators can’t access users private information, private messages or having the power to kick out users from the platform.

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The App embodies a decentralized financial platform that includes lending, cryptocurrency transactions, loaning and fully decentralized banking activities powered by ethereum Blockchain with the use of smart contracts, it also provides retailers with the opportunity to create their own online stores and has the options to accept both fiat and cryptocurrencies for purchases.

Catching up with the President and also a co-founder, Keith Mali, echoes, “Just as Bitcoin is giving financial freedom to people globally, Swirge is a decentralized ecosystem and a people-centred product that is built to redistribute wealth, protect users information and provide an even platform for universal use” he summarized

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