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Oshiomhole’s past attack on Ize-Iyamu: APC, PDP in rare agreement

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APC: I've no regret, I stand by all my actions — Oshiomhole
Adams Oshiomhole

By Emmanuel Aziken


Against the background of the fracas that happened in Edo State on Thursday, it has now emerged that the main protagonists in the political arena are holding almost common positions on one of the salient issues in the governorship campaign.

Four years ago, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole as the outgoing governor of Edo State made several allegations against Ize-Iyamu alleging among others that the present All Progressives Congress, APC governorship candidate was a cultist and could not be trusted with financial resources of the state.

Oshiomhole spoke when he was marketing Godwin Obaseki as his successor as governor. He has now changed preferences and adopted Ize-Iyamu as the best person to carry on as governor of the state.

In demonstration of his perceived sincerity, the former APC governor has also had to physically kneel down for stakeholders in the state and apologized for bringing Obaseki to government.

However, in all these, Oshiomhole as at press time had not made a public apology to the man he hurt in 2016.

Does Oshiomhole owe an apology to Ize-Iyamu for the things he said four years ago?

Cletus Obun, head of media representation in the Ize-Iyamu Campaign and Mr. Chris Nehikhare, State Publicity Secretary, SPS of the PDP responded on the issue thus:


Oshiomhole Has Apologised By His Action –Cletus Obun, Head, Media Representation Committee, Ize-Iyamu Campaign

There can be no better apology than the physical demonstration of penance of taking the pains to unsay what he had said.

There can never be a better apology than that. Even if he writes the longest love letter it will never be as going to physically going to repair the damage that he had done.

Not just the damage, but the humility to accept it…It is one of the biggest virtues of greatness, the ability to apologise. Many others will tell you that there is nothing wrong and all that.

It also suggests that an Adams Oshiomhole or any human for that matter should have played God to be omniscient and all knowing to read the mind’s construction.

Far back in the 16th Century under the Elizabethan era of medieval history, you will agree that Shakespeare told us that there is no art to read the mind’s construction in the face. So, could you have known an Obaseki?

Of all people in the bible, it was Mary Magdalene, a former adulterer that saw Jesus first after his resurrection and worked most with him. Of all the people in the bible no woman except Mary the mother of Jesus worked as closely to Jesus more than Mary Magdalene, a former adulterer.

No religion, whether it is Hinduism, whether it is Christianity or Islam, toys with the message of forgiveness.

One you are dealing with the human factor, what makes you a man is the ability to make errors, only God is infallible.

Fallibility is part of our human nature. It is a habitual criminal, someone that is unrepentant that you can say to him that you have sinned and your sin can no longer be forgiven.


But he has not offered personal apology to Ize-Iyamu, at least in public?

What apology can be better than personally going with Ize-Iyamu from place to place? What better thing? Is it for him to say I am sorry?

What is he apolgoising for? I made an error about this man, therefore I am now coming out to say that what I discovered is that he is a better person than I thought.

That is the reason he is going about with him. That is the reason he is apologizing about the person of Obaseki.

I do not think that there can be a better apology than that. If he had written a letter of apology and comes back to campaign against Ize-Iyamu and says I won’t vote for you, will that have been a better thing to say?

He has apologized and not just apologized, but he has gone back to show that this man is a material to use and that is why he is going about with him.


But nobody has heard him apologise?

His physical appearance at his rallies is an apology and that is the point I am making, that his physical recantation on Obaseki and the campaign for Ize-Iyamu is itself an apology. The actions speak louder than words.

Does that mean that those he said no longer matter?

Yes, that is what it means, that it was in error, I did not know this man and even if it had been so, I do think that he is still better than this person.

That is why I talked about repentance and penance and the example of Paul who was a known murderer and persecutor of the Christian faith. When he turned around to preach those things he was killing people for , was he rejected?


Oshiomhole Does Not Need To Apologise, We Believe What he said – Chris Nehikhare, State Publicity Secretary, SPS PDP

What is he apologizing for? When a man speaks he speaks from the heart, he speaks the truth.

We believe everything he said and we don’t want to encourage him to change the narrative, we believed him the first time and there is no guarantee that what he is saying now is the truth if all what he said in the past were all lies.

The view of my party is that Oshiomhole cannot be changing the narrative to suit his situation all the time. The truth had been said in 2016 and that is what Edo people believe.

Edo people are holding on to what he said and apart from that, you will recall that Pastor Ize-Iyamu recently held an interview where he confirmed that he belonged to a cult and he also confirmed that acid was poured on somebody.

If you look at all these put together, that was what Adams Oshiomhole said to us in 2016. He also confirmed that his work experience was restricted to working under Lucky Igbinendion both in private sector and in government. And all these were what Adams Oshiomhole said and were all confirmed.

So, we don’t know what he is apologizing for now. If the victim of his purported lying is confirming everything he said about him.

We are also aware that even after serving as the DG of Adams Oshiomhole’s Re-Election Campaign Committee that Oshiomhole did not appoint him to work in his government and that is a fact.

So, what exactly is Adams Oshomhole apologizing for? He has not told any lie. Everything he said is the truth!


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