August 4, 2020

Novarick Homes and Properties celebrate 2nd anniversary

Novarick Homes and Properties celebrate 2nd anniversary

Novarick Homes and Properties, a real estate company building real estate projects that run on renewable energy as alternative power supply yesterday announced its second anniversary.

Founded in August 2018, Novarick Homes has since developed residential estates in fast-developing communities in Lagos state like Ibeju-Lekki, Epe and most recently a housing development at Ologolo community in central Lekki.

Company founder and CEO of Novarick Homes, Noah Ibrahim in his opening statement, attributed the success of the company to hard work, passion and dedication of team members

He stated “This is an incredible milestone for any company and we are proud to celebrate what has made us successful as a company, hard work, passion and dedication of team members. The significance of this milestone is more than just keeping the lights on. It means our clients and employees believe the work we do is valuable.”

“What started as a team of 5 employees in 2018 has grown to over 25 employees and 500 property consultants today. Signing Tobi Bakre as our first brand ambassador and launching Novarick Pro, a training platform for real estate consultants and breaking grounds for our first housing development, Ruby Apartments in one year is indeed a remarkable achievement”. Noah Stated. “Our focus moving forward, remains to provide eco-friendly and affordable housing and investment solutions across the real estate spectrum.”

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The marketing communications Manager, TemitopeEmiola, further stated:” At Novarick Homes, we are building a brand with impact and this goes beyond simply helping people own land and homes. The infusion of renewable energy supply in all of our developments has a significant effect on improving environmental noise and air pollution.

We also contribute to the infrastructural development of communities around our estates. Our clients understand this, and the team members are always proud to discuss these impacts. We are very excited to continue this important work.”

To meet client demand and provide superior service, the company works collaboratively with its clients to make land acquisition, property ownership and real estate investment affordable and seamless.