August 11, 2020

Linus Williams Ifejika spice up Blockchain market in Nigeria

The Blockchain Market in Nigeria is witnessing a rise in participants each day— more people are now investing,

making transactions and transferring funds on it. One of the major players in the Market is Linus Williams Ifejika (B-Lord) who spiced up the market by recording a jaw-dropping profit of $1.9million. His Cryptocurrency Company— B-Lord Group of Company— has also appeared on billboards on roads of major cities including Abuja, Lagos and Anambra, which has made the blockchain market more coveted.

B-Lord is a young, relentless and fast-rising Nigerian Cryptocurrency entrepreneur and coach. Over the years of his operations, he has built a rock-solid reputation for himself as an entrepreneur who has an in-depth understanding of the flexibility and nuances of the Bitcoin industry. He has exhibited a high level of ingenuity and has contributed his quota positively to the recent acceptance of Bitcoin trading in Nigeria.

He remarked that he decided to explore the Blockchain market due to his passion for problem-solving and the prospects he saw in the emerging digital economy. Noting the challenges freelance digital service providers in Nigeria faced collecting payments from overseas and the incessant inflation and devaluation of the Naira, it was just the right market for him to step into. He exhibited his superb spontaneous decision-making and astute risk taking skill in how he started the venture at a time when many people had close to zero confidence in getting returns from the blockchain market.

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Linus Williams Ifejika considers himself to be one of the first wave of investors in the Blockchain market when its news spread to Nigeria. He has gone on to establish himself as a model and mentor for contemporaries and younger folks who want  to venture into the blockchain industry.  He is also reputed for transparency, tenacity, strong-will and resilience.

His activities as a Cryptocurrency entrepreneur and coach has yielded profits for him enough to also establish the B-Lord Group of Companies which is an umbrella body for  B-Lord Bitcoin Store, B-Lord Gadget store, B-Lord Luxury store and B-Lord Automobiles.