Labour Party distances self from CUPP’s lawsuit against Service Chiefs

By Chris Ochayi -Abuja            

The Leadership of Labour Party, LP, on Tuesday, distanced itself from the legal action instituted by the Coalition of United Political Parties, CUPP, challenging the Federal Government on a continuous stay in office of the Service Chiefs.

National Chairman of Labour Party, Alhaji Abdulsalam Abdulkadir explained while briefing the newsmen in Abuja that the lawsuit against the government was an action taken by an individual without due consultation and approvals.

He said, “I want to state categorically, as a formidable stakeholder in CUPP that I am against the action of suing the Federal Government on the issue of the continuous stay of the Service Chiefs.”

Abdulkadir added, “I have been forced to address this Press conference by the recent media controversy as well as the action taken by an individual to sue service chiefs in the name of CUPP, an organization that I am a relevant and senior member of.

“This decision, as well as many others, were taken by this individual, has not been one borne out of consultations among members but a decision exclusively his.

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“This habit, therefore, begs the question of why he does not use his own Political Party, rather than an organization comprising other political entities. An individual should not and cannot continue to act in the interest of the whole without due consultation and approvals.

“I want to state categorically, as a formidable stakeholder in CUPP that I am against the action of suing the Federal Government on the issue of the continuous stay of the service chiefs.

“Let me also state that I and the Labour Party do not support the Federal Government’s decision to continue to retain the Service Chiefs in the face of rising insecurity in the North East and other parts of the country

“But we would not also allow ourselves to be dragged or become a party to a circus suit aimed primarily at promoting an individual’s quest for popularity and misplaced political relevance rather than at exacting justice for the Nigerian people.

“This kind of lawsuit, no matter how pleasing it sounds, is not geared towards yielding a decisively positive result in the Courts but is geared towards making a mockery of our judicial processes.

“The Labour Party and I, will not be a party to reducing our national institutions into a mere circus and I, therefore, distance myself from the lawsuit. We cannot embark on a ludicrous journey aimed at taking undue advantage of our judicial process.

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“Even though we are an opposition Party and a standing member of the CUPP, we cannot continue to be a part of an individual’s quest to weaken our national institutions and systems, when we are striving and hope to take control of them in the future.”

On the formation of CUPP, Alhaji Abdulkadir recalled that “Recently, there has been some controversy in the media concerning the Coalition of United Political Parties (CUPP) an organization where I am a vital part of.

“May I at this point, digress a little, to bring to the fore how CUPP came about in the build-up to the 2019 general elections. Some of us Party Leaders came to the realization that to defeat the ruling party, particularly at the centre, we had to come together and join forces with other well-meaning and progressive political interests.

“After a series of meetings and consultations, the CUPP was launched. I and twelve other members made up the Steering Committee, which is the highest representative body of the organization, saddled with running the affairs of the Grand Alliance.

“I and other members of the Grand Alliance have watched with dismay how some persons who are not members of the Steering Committee have run away with the organization that is meant to represent a coalition of over seventy individual political interests, without recourse to the Steering Committee or the sensibilities of other partners.

“This has gone on for a long time in spite of concerted and concerned calls from all and sundry. The CUPP is made up of mature, respectable and responsible individuals and entities, which may explain why a lot of restraint has been exercised and members have been refrained from having a public showdown.



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