August 16, 2020

Kizz Daniel, Patoranking, others dominate TikTok

Kizz Daniel

Kizz Daniel

Kizz Daniel

Since joining TikTok two months ago, ace musician Patoranking Fire has taken to the platform’s functionalities perfectly by building a followership of over 55,000.

He has been using the platform to invite followers into more personal parts of his life, like when he shared a video of himself brushing his teeth with his daughter.

The celebrated Nigerian singer also participated in the #SpiritsUp and also held a live stream performance for his latest song ‘Abule’, attracting over 20k viewers in no time.

Based on Nigerian singer Kizz Daniel’s new single, ‘Ada’, the #AdaChallenge is a simple whirl of hand and leg movements set to the mid-tempo flow of the addictive single.

The challenge has taken over TikTok in Nigeria since it started, currently sitting at just 10 million views and about 2k videos created with the catchy dance routine.

Other celebrities who have also joined the challenge include comedian, Kemzmama and radio personality, Do2tun.

With over 144,000 followers, Jennifrank29, one of Nigeria’s fastest-growing content creators on TikTok is a bundle of energy. The creative has been switching adroitly between high-octane dance videos, lip-syncs, acting and memes creation.

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Her enthusiasm and innovation continuously shine through, inviting engagements and spin-offs inspired by her theatrics. One of her most enduring pieces of content is the exploration of the dynamics of a Nigerian mother-daughter relationship with one video getting over 2M views.

Since going viral, the #ExpressionChallenge has gotten over 2 billion views as well as over 15,000 videos shared on TikTok.

It is a sticker challenge that encourages users to duplicate the depicted mood of three different stickers per level.

Once the instructions are followed satisfactorily, and then they move on to the further two levels and upon completion receive a trophy for their participation.