It's time for wealthy pastors to give back to Nigerians, says Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin
Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin

A lady, who identified herself as Faith Victor has narrated how she worked down the corridors of hospitals, the pews of churches and gates of spiritual houses over a skin disease that spurted out in huge boils with pungent discharge.

According to a video she shared on the internet, she said she received her healing from a church based in Warri, Mercyland International Christian centre.

In a statement by the church, Faith Victor was rendered a repugnant, invalid who relied on people to carry out necessary daily tasks, while she could not eat, sleep or move without experiencing excruciating pain on every level.

The church said, “Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin is one of a unique set of pioneers who, daily, are exposed to millions of people with appalling and gruesome cases of deteriorating health, spiritual attacks, and other darts from the enemy. It was on one of such days that he came in contact with sister Faith Victor and left an indelible mark in her life.

“Faith Victor, a beautiful young lady from Edo State, was hardly recognizable a couple of months ago. A young woman with budding dreams and a huge zest for life, was suddenly afflicted with an abominable skin disease that spurted out in huge boils with pungent discharge, on every imaginable area of her body.

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“If doctors, healers and spiritualists had the answer, sister Faith would have since been healed; none could even give a name for her ailment. In clear terms, she had been declared dead before she encountered a true prophet of God; a Man of God who has a supernatural mandate to restore the essence of life, where it is lost.

“A declaration by a sent man, was all it took to change sister Faith Victor’s entire future and restore her skin and health, completely.

One would never be able to associate the beautiful and graceful woman with the distorted invalid carried about on a stretcher, but she will confidently tell you her story, and how God can turn any disaster into a testimony.

“May God continue to direct and enable His son, Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin, as he demonstrates the immeasurable power of God, here on Earth.”



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