August 17, 2020

Gunmen killed over 100 Muslims in Southern Kaduna — Imams

Gunmen storm military camp in Niger, kill soldiers, abduct 10, burn vehicles

…As Imams, Ulama’s indict media

…Allege bias reports against Muslims

…We’ve not heard of such killings’-CAN

By Ibrahim HassanWuyo

The Council of Imams and Ulama (Islamic Clergy) in Kaduna state has accused the Nigerian media of being bias in their reportage about the killings in Southern Kaduna.

While addressing a press conference on Monday, Yusuf Yakubu Arrigasiyyu ,Secretary General of the council, said although the media was known to be truthful, what obtained was, allegedly, the contrary as the media practitioners upheld ethnic and religious sentiments in their reportage.

” No person of good conscience, Muslim or any religious believer, will overlook the recent killings of over 100 innocent Muslims and destruction of their property and settlements in different locations within Southern Kaduna,” he said.

He alleged that the killings and destruction were carried out by suspected sponsored Christian militias in Southern Kaduna .

According to him,these killings of Muslims was ” deliberately not reported by any media outfit including those media houses who were mischievously propagating the reprisal attacks against the Christian communities in Zangon Kataf.”

He said even innocent travelers were not spared during the attacks, while the killings were ” covered by the media who will always prefer to change the narrative in solidarity with their faith and ethnicity. ”

He said right from the time of the killings till date, he has never read from any media, a condolence  or show of solidarity from any part of this country, sympathizing with the families of the slain Muslim victims  who were mercilessly killed in  Zango Kataf earlier, that  might have resulted to the reprisal attacks by unknown gun men.

Malam Arrigasiyyu expressed dismay that some individuals and groups in Southern Kaduna were good in inciting and propagating violence in the area in order to make cheap popularity and to achieve their political interest.

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“Let us state it categorically clear, that unless the southern Christians restrain from killing innocent Muslims living in the area which belongs to all of them, there can never be lasting peace as no one has monopoly of violence.”

“However in the spirit of peaceful and cordial relationship, this council is urging the peace loving Christians in southern Kaduna and Nigeria at large to engage the criminal elements in southern Kaduna with a view to desist from the wanton killing of their innocent Muslims neighbors for peace to rein permanently in the area.

He said ‘”violence never brings development and progress in any community.”

While calling on security agents to be on their feet to protect life and property of innocent Nigerians, the Imams and ulama, however, called on Muslims to resolve conflict through non violent means.

“This council urges Muslim to resolve any conflict through nonviolent means whily they pray for permanent peace in all part of Nigeria, particularly in the North where the enemies from within and outside the country are working towards its destruction,” they said.

Meanwhile, Chairman of CAN in Kaduna state, Rev John Joseph Hayab ,said: “It is good to know that the Imams and  Ulamas are acknowledging that killings is going on in Kaduna.

What we at CAN are saying is that Government should stop the killings. If there is any killings of Muslim which we have not heard and have not seen any corpses but we do not want the killing of anyone because every life is precious.

We are not in competition of who has lost more lives but we do not want killings in our state. Those who make a serious issue of security of this nature to become a subject of competition do not understand life and if they say they are Imams then these may be pockets or stomach Clerics whose interest is not the lives of people but willing tools to do the bidding of an ungodly person or political leader.”