A group under the auspices of National Political Equity Movement, NPEM on Saturday told Mamman Daura that his merit recipe for 2023 Presidential candidate is half truth and unjustified.

In a statement signed by the Convener Sunday Chibuzor Okereke, the group declared that his recipe is half truth that doesn’t serve national interest; insists on South-East Equity Presidency 2023.

The movement also advised candidates outside the South East geo-political zone of Nigeria to shelve their ambitions.

Read full statement below:

“Our interactions have clearly revealed that most Nigerians especially youths and patriotic elders from all parts of the country have a convergence view on the desperate need for Nigeria to run a governance system that works for all, irrespective of political affiliation, ethnicity, religion, colour or creed.

On the issue of statement credited to the nephew and confidant of President Muhammadu Buhari, Mammam Daura who opined that “merit and competence should the basis for who becomes the next President of Nigeria and not where the person comes from”

The movement welcomes Mamman Daura’s merit recipe for who governs Nigeria in the next round of presidential elections but notes that the elder statesman’s position is only a half truth that not only needs to be made whole but one that lacks the ingredient of national interest and political stability.

We will like to go on record and state that Nigeria can only talk about merit and competence of presidential candidates after the zoning system is upheld. Those outside the zone should shelve their ambitions for now.

The movements notes that every part of the country is boisterous with scores of eminently qualified individuals with competence, character and leadership trait to occupy the highly coveted Aso Rock seat of power.

The zoning arrangement is a wise and critical element for national stabilization aimed at addressing the political and structural imbalances that Nigeria is clearly built on. The movement notes that zoning does not negate the principles of merit and competence nor forecloses any Nigerian in other zones from contesting for the seat of President of Federal Republic of Nigeria.

We recognise the zoning system to be a unique, systematic and organised political arrangement that allows key stakeholders and major political parties to zone elective positions to different geo-political zones of the country for the purpose of national unity and balance of political power in line the Nigeria’s constitution and federal character.

Thus, to suggest that Nigeria should completely throw away the zoning system at this point of our national life where political imbalance, inequality, and divisiveness is calling for equity, justice and fairness with both hands; will only amount to bathing a baby without the bath water.

We encourage the elder statesman and others who may hold the same view at this time to focus their energy on the recruitment system and choice of candidates by political parties because it is the parties that will ultimately presents candidates for elections not the zones.

The movement maintains that political stakeholders and power brokers should unite and support South-East Equity Presidency 2023 because when merits are equal, justice and equity should prevail. We salute the courage of elder statesman – Chief Edwin Clark and other prominent Nigerians who has spoken out boldly on this issue.

We stand on his latest call for His Excellency Chief Ahmed Bola Tinubu to declare support for South East to produce the next Nigerian President. We strongly believe that the call was timely, patriotic, uniting and fit for national interest.



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