August 2, 2020

Girls got bold – Behind the scenes of the GGB dance crew

The GGB dance crew, a female pop dance group has risen to fame and popularity in Nigeria’s Entertainment world. The group , a three man crew, is one of the very few  female dance crews  in Nigeria till date.

The crew is made up of Lagos born and bred youngsters namely Odiley Emmanuella, Afije Rose Omokhoa and Ifeoma Efiokwu.

In an interview, the girls revealed the drive behind GGB and their fame.

Speaking on how they met, Rose said; “We were all independent video vixens at first, just doing our own things. We barely even knew each other. Then in February 2014, magic happened. Many vixens had been invited to convene at Clarence Peters home for a music video shoot. We were part of them. We watched each other’s moves and secretly admired each other. Ella and Ifeoma had already met each other and kicked off to a beautiful start . By the time I met  them both and we all started to bond, the rest was history.”

On the choice of name for their dance group, Ella said; “On a surface level, it really is quite explanatory. Girls weren’t bold before, but now they are. But on a deeper level that name represents our past , present and future all at once. It represents a release from the shackles of stereotypes on what a woman should be. It represents freedom.”

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Speaking on the challenges they have had to struggle with as a team, Ifeoma said, “To be sincere, it hasn’t always been all smooth and creamy for us. We’ve had rough times, one of which was our early days . When we started GGB, we faced so many challenges as a group because of our individual traits.

We were three very different  girls from very different backgrounds with different characters and flaws. It was almost impossible to agree on anything because all of us were very opinionated at the time. But despite the quarrels and arguments and headaches we stuck to our dreams. Today we’re best of friends.”

Speaking further, Rose added; “Getting potential clients to see beyond and bodies to our art. Being a woman in the entertainment world is almost like signing your own death warrant in oblivion. No one warns you , no one really tells you how hard it will be to get people to imagine other things you can offer other than sex. And saying no is not easy when your career is on the line. It was difficult at first but now we have grown to overcome that objectification and build our networks based on value.”

Concluding Ifeoma noted; “Ifeoma: I will say this to all of you : your dreams are crazy but so is life. If life, as crazy as it is can be real, then why can’t your dreams become reality? You have to stay focused, stay determined, stay resilient. Don’t let anyone talk you down or offer you a shirt cut. Work hard and work smart. Celebrate winners, that’s how you grow . Continue to build yourself.

Build your value until it’s worth buying. Then, people will come looking for you.”