Economic War: Generating billions through inter trading among African Nations
Charles N Lambert

“Africans must inter-trade in order to break economic barriers, defeat poverty, and win the Economic War” – Charles N Lambert, Africa’s economic Activist

“Africans do not have a global vision of development. For me, the most important thing is the economic integration of Africa” -Kingsley Moghalu, a Nigerian political economist

Now let’s start from asking this question, can developing nations thrive in a global economy without a collective mindset? This is a question every developing economy must ponder if it plans to have its economy scaled up and stay up.

Charles N Lambert, leader of Africa’s first economic war affirms that for sustainable and collective growth to happen in a globalized era, large African economies must remove the walls separating them from the continent’s underdeveloped economies, it must be allowed to spread within the continent.

Inter trading, pan-African Integration, regional integration is needed to further Africa’s economic growth to a standard like that of the United State of America thereby generating billions for the continent.

In the words of UN Secretary-General António Guterres at the 2017 G7 Summit, held in May in Taormina, Italy, it is important to “support the continent’s aspiration to achieve regional integration, including through the free movement of people and goods, and in investments in infrastructure and info-structure…”

To foster inter-African trade, The Black Wall Street formed a regional trade bloc like an Economic Community where it has facilitators who are making sure Africans inter-trader

The goals of these facilitators are to enable free trade, opportunities for economic cooperation and the elimination of tariffs and trade barriers in Africa.

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The facilitators are people in 600 locations across Africa, these people aid the movement and circulation of money through the Black Wall Street platform. They are warehouse owners who offer up an end-to-end solution.

These facilitators run Warehouses on behalf of African producers through the Redirect Mall. And this is perfect for logistics minded professionals to work from anywhere through The Black Wall Street platform.

The Redirect Mall is an online Mall dedicated to fighting an Economic War for Africa. It is a place where Africans can buy African products in bulk.

According to Lambert, these warehouse owners are people who help process goods and send them out to the outlets for sales. These people also help store the goods, keep logistics, and ensure the delivery of orders from business owners.

It is believed that Africans have never worked together in the fight for economic independence because they don’t have the culture of working together but the Black Wall Street through the facilitators is cutting off the believe.

Africa has the means to create large investment, strategic funds, and sovereign wealth funds, generate billions for the continent but it must keep a clear strategic focus on inter trading, which is the key to Africa’s economic independence.

The Black Wall Street believes that a country’s economic growth is not generated by the government, it is generated by the people of a country through the final goods and services bought by the final user, produced in the country, in a given period of time. This generates billions through the accumulation of profitable balances.

Watch this video to understand more: The Facilitator’s orientation

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