August 9, 2020

For me sex is sacred, spiritual – Actress, Chisom Steve

For me sex is sacred, spiritual – Actress, Chisom Steve

Asaba-based budding Nollywood actress, Chisom Steve started her journey in the movie industry as a child actor in 2013. And going by her rising profile and antecedents in the last seven years she’s not exactly a rookie.

In a recent one-on-one with Potpourri the sultry undergraduate of Caritas Private University, Enugu let off a hint that she may still be a fresh, untapped item when it comes to sexual matters going by her response on the question of sex. She didn’t make much bones about it but it does appear there is a hidden message in her summation.

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“Sex for me is sacred and spiritual, to be engaged in only in marriage which is the best institution built in Christ. When it comes to relationships for me, it must be decent. And being sexy is a compliment and yes, a woman ought to be proud of her body, I don’t know about flaunting it,” she had said when asked of her opinion on sex, relationship, marriage and sexiness.

Chisom, unlike most actresses, admitted that acting pays her bills and gives a bit of an insight to the challenges she has surmounted to be relevant.

“My career has been defined by a lot of challenging roles I have played. There’s one that took me days under the rain literally to film and naturally I don’t like going under the rain. It was a horrible experience but it turned out to be one of my best but giving up every other thing to pursue this career has been my biggest sacrifice.

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Yes, acting is lucrative, and it pays my bill so far. And another experience I can’t forget is playing the role of a tomboy, it is totally outside my natural characteristics,” she said.

According to her, her high point so far remains the day she received an award for one of her films in the ‘Most Promising Actress’ category of BON AWARDS 2017.

She has only produced one film of her own “My Beautiful” but featured in over 20 films.