August 11, 2020

EDO 2020: I understand how economies are built – Obaseki

Governor Godwin Obaseki of Edo State

Governor Godwin Obaseki

Edo State Governor, Mr. Godwin Obaseki, at the weekend, said he is well grounded on how to build economies for sustainable development because he has spent the better part of his life helping to develop economies all over the world.

“We must as government set a new agenda, but it is painful our traducers are ignorant about governance. They can’t see what Nigeria can be transformed into, they cannot see the possibilities. They are only interested in what they can achieve now.

“Honestly speaking I know how to raise money to build our economy. Money is not the problem. The role of government is to serve as an enabler, to enable you make money.

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“Somehow I don’t know how it got to the brain of government, as if it is an offence, for you to make money. It is like when you make money you threaten the government, therefore government puts obstacles in the way to frustrate you from making money.

“It is so strange and awkward that they are making their money, you are making your money but they want to share your own as if you are their business partner. We have put an end to such backward system of governance in Edo State,” Obaseki deckared.

The Governor who was speaking in Government House when a Coalition of various unions, traders and Associations paid him a ‘thank you’ visit, said: “I understand how economies are built.  Economies are built with small businesses.

Whether we like it or not, today’s world is about technology. With Coronavirus today, nobody can travel anywhere, you sit in your place and do your businesses. Government must therefore make sure that they provide infrastructure that will enable business owners to transact effectively.

“Those who are fighting us don’t know how to manage resources. They are a group of wasters. They do not know that Nigeria is much bigger, much greater than what we are seeing today.

“Nigeria before the oil boom, was one of the top countries in the world, but with this oil, everybody thinks this is what is left of the government; no respect for people who are creating wealth like you. They haven’t struggled to make money so they don’t care how to spend it.

Imagine one person having up to to 20 cars as convoy, running petrol, why? If its your money would you spend it that way?

“Government is not a business man, government does not know how to do business. Government’s responsibility is to provide an enabling environment where people can do their own businesses and in return they pay their taxes to the government which will enable the government to continue to provide security and enabling environment for business to grow and be sustained.

“That is the fight, and except we do that this country cannot make progress,” the Edo Governor admonished.

According to him, “My key objective is Making Edo State Great Again. The fact is that we must reform government and ensure that government must work for the people, because if government does not work, it affects the things we do.

Government must provide policies and leadership that is focused on the people; not just on the people who are in government house, but the enabling environment for everyone. We must begin to think that this thing affects all of us and provide leadership that will tackle our collective challenges.

“I am unique, I understand this thing and that is why God sent me here to be your Governor because of my background. Not many people have this knowledge. God said, ‘Godwin come and use the instrument of government, come and use the power of government to change the lives of people’ and that is why i am not afraid.

“I am not discouraged. I want to assure you that i will win the election and will come to you again, by the grace of God during my second term, when i would have crushed all of these demons and distractions,” he said confidenty.

Counting some of his administration’s achievements Governor Obaseki said: “We have invested so much on Education and we are determined to do more. As at today, Edo State has the best technological system of education in Nigeria. We have made public schools attractive and competitive. There is no valid reasons why we will not have a viable educational system.

“Parents now prefer Government Schools to private Schools because we have given a new definition to education in Edo State. The Educational system has moved away from the archaic method of teaching and Edo State is leading other State in terms of Government/ teachers’ relationship and technological development.

“Why must all of you prefer to put your children in private schools, when we can make public schools equally competitive in line with the best standards? What is wrong with government investing in public schools?

“We are doing our best and we are putting money in the system to ensure quality standard in our education, and we know the results we are getting are excellent,” Governor Obaseki declared.