Economic War: Lambert kicks against certificate, poverty-focused educational system in Africa
Charles N Lambert

Certificate-based education is more valued in the workplace today than ever before. In fact, it’s been reported that individuals with bachelor’s degrees have 57 per cent more job opportunities and earn 56 per cent more than those without educational background.

This type of data has encouraged many of the 36 million adults who dropped out of college before completing their bachelor’s degrees to go back to school and continue their education.

The focus on degree and certificate by employers has become the most common reasons, choices for students returning to the classroom.

However, in most African countries, it is believed that 70% of university graduates are unemployable because they lack a specific field or skill set that can help broaden their knowledge in that subject area.

Globally, the purpose of education is to help students in understanding the depth of their industry, and to walk away with the tactical skills and experiences needed to expand their career options, advance at work, or even switch to a new industry altogether but this has been the opposite as most people focus on the certificate only which they believe will give them access to employment and good life.

Now let’s take a look at this example as cited by the leader of Africa’s first Economic War, Charles N Lambert in episode 23 of his show on Monday where he kicked against the educational system in Africa. He said a barber with skills earns more money than a graduate with a paper certificate. And no better truth than this!

If a barber cuts each person’s hair for $5 and he cuts about 10 persons’ hair, that barber makes $50 a day but a graduate without skills sits at home, waiting for the government to give aids, waiting for where to submit his paper certificate, writing thousands of application letters without even getting positive responses from the employees who deceived him that certificate is all they need to employ him.

There are many, various and interconnected causes of poverty, and we can’t use a magic formula to eradicate it. But, we can consider skills as a reducing risk element of high poverty, which may prevent the occurrence of another generation, much poorer.

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In developed countries and even some parts of developing countries, people instinctively know that skills are good things for their children.

It is of utmost importance for individuals with only a certificate to supplement their existing degree with a new skill set for economic and personal development as the certificate will only enslave you and leave you dependent on employers and governments.

Charles N Lambert kicks against the poverty-focused educational system in Africa which encourages youths to focus only on certificates to get out of poverty, gain employment and at the end are trapped in poverty without skills.

Lambert encourages skills, knowledge-based, and transformative educational system for Africa.

Goal getter employers hire people with quality to contribute and push organisations to the global world. Certificate cannot make contributions in organisations but rather your knowledge and skills.

So even if you want to be dependent on employers, you must have good quality skills to prove that you deserve what you are being paid.

According to Lambert, Africa needs graduates that will be useful, people ready for work, GPD focused educational system, an educational system that will evaluate how much money an individual is contributing to economic situation, an educational system focused on skills and money-making, not the one that leads to poverty.

Lambert, therefore, recommends the ITE programme from the Black Wall Street which will revolutionize the poverty-focused educational system in Africa.

This according to Lambert will make sure people who are educated acquire skills. On this note, the black Wall Street will spread private schools across Africa that will focus on training people on how to make economic contributions to society.

You can be part of this by visiting the Black Wall Street platform and also make a purchase to start investing for rainy days. You can also choose a role to play in the economic war which will also earn you millions of dollars yearly.

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