August 23, 2020

Delta Kings and Okowa’s canopy

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By Norbert Chiazor

Traditional rulers are exalted personages. They are the most iconic vestiges of African human experience. Each as an avatar sits on the throne to embody the identity, history and value of a people.

A wise leader must respect kings. Governor Ifeanyi Okowa is an example.
Okowa has given Delta traditional rulers obeisance beyond dainty bow to the crown.

He has crowned his honour with the construction of Delta State traditional rulers council Secretariat.

Majestic in view, it is a colourful architecture, magnificent in taste and grandeur. The building spreads in a panorama of lavish landscape with a parking lot, the size of a football field, to accentuate the elevated symbolism of its would-be occupants – royal fathers.

With a massive conference hall and gallery,20 offices, twin two-bedroom flats,2 reception halls and sprawling courtyard, the traditional rulers’ Secretariat animates attention and acclamation. First of its kind in the 36 states of Nigeria and Abuja.A legacy house that would stand in the annals of history.

Located in the heart of Asaba, the Delta state capital on Amaechi Iyoh way, off Maryam Babangida way, the edifice is a landmark infrastructure.

The spectacular traditional rulers’ secretariat denotes the gratitude of an illustrious son who remembered a unique favour that has the trappings of predestined grace.

Long before glorious dawn came upon Okowa in 2015, Anioma traditional rulers and indeed monarchs from all quarters in plural Delta had blessed him above his peers, scoring him excellent First.

When Paramount rulers gifted with theocratic powers touched Okowa’s curly hair, they can only be an impartation of divine unction. It is the law of cosmic commission. It is okowa’s destiny.

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His words to the traditional rulers led by the Chairman, Delta State Traditional Rulers Council, the Obi of Owa, HRM Emmanuel Efeizomor II, on a momentous visit to Government House, Asaba speak volumes:

“I appreciate you, our traditional rulers. I thank you for your support for my administration; you have given us peace and the enabling environment which made us work; your positive message to your people, our people over the years made victory at the elections easy and peaceful”

Governments in Delta especially successive democratic actors had maintained a salutary liaison with traditional rulers. Chief James Ibori (1999-2007 ) and Dr. Emmanuel Ewetan Uduaghan (2007-2015) had often extended sundry goodwill to the kings for their advisory and supportive roles in governance.

Okowa has taken the celebration of royal fathers to the apogee of glory.

Monarchs as paramount rulers truly deserve dignity. Their relevance, as native authorities predating colonialism and post-independence democracy cannot be overrated. As gatekeepers of time-honoured traditional ethos, they preserve cultural heritage, enhance communal progress and edify the totality of our origin.

Traditional rulers are not the bastions of jaded and obsolete institution. They are naturalistic, original and authentic. They exist not just as romanticized symbols of a nostalgic past but dynamic models of age-old society.

They are the link between the government and the people, democracy and development, yesterday and today. They represent social order, manifesting and revolving towards an interminable future. Whether as traditional rulers by inheritance or selection, they command the allegiance of the people. They safeguard norms and customs which are the properties of the folks, for social continuity.

It becomes fair that kings should revel in royal banquet.

When Delta traditional rulers bedecked in beads and royal armada arrive the state capital, for ceremonial engagements, they would bask in authority, under a unified beautiful canopy. Thanks to Okowa’s king-sized Smart Agenda.

In Delta, traditional rulers reign in reverence and relevance.

They have a responsible subject in government house.

* CHIAZOR is Special Assistant to Governor Okowa on Media

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