Crisis looms in lkoga-Zebbe Badagry community over new monarch
From left — Prince Bokoh Jonathan, head of Yanwhe ruling house; Oloriebi Steven Akapo, head of the three ruling houses; Prince Bokoh Seido (middle) and other members of the ruling houses, at the briefing. PHOTO: Agbonkhese Oboh.

By Agbonkhese Oboh

Crisis looms in lkoga-Zebbe, a community in Badagry Local Government Area, following the installation of Prince Fabiyi Jimoh Athanhode as Aholu of Ikoga-Zebbe while a case on the stool was still in court.

This was the sentiment expressed by some members of the ruling houses of the community, who addressed a press conference and described the said installation as being in contempt of court.

Recall that on July 29, the Badagry Local Government Chairman, Olusegun Aadeniran Onilude presented a letter of appointment to Prince Fabiyi Jimoh Athanhode as Aholu of Ikoga-Zebbe.

However, a Prince of Ikoga-Zegbeland, Comrade Seido Bokoh, said the installation and letter were done while a case on the right ruling house (among Toyi, Yanwhe and Athanhode) and candidate for the throne was in court.

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Also with him at the briefing were Oloriebi Steven Akapo, the head of all the ruling houses; Prince Boko Jonathan, head of Yanwhe ruling house; Prince Bokoh Paul and other representatives of the ruling houses.

According to Seido, “the last time we had a king in Ikoga was in 1959. Since the demise of that king we have not had a king since.

“The late king is from same Toyi ruling house as the newly-installed one, which is against the principle of rotation. Again, the title Aholu of Ikoga does not exist in law. The true title is Sano of Ikoga-Zebbe.

“These and more are the issues in court with Prince Jimoh Fabiyi, the Chieftaincy Officer at the local government, and all the prescribed authorities in Lagos State government, local government, Ministry of Community and Chieftaincy Affairs in the state, as parties.

“We went to court to get a fair hearing, as all the parties submitted claims to let the court pronounce its judgement of who should be the next king and what the titled should be.

“It was in the middle of the court proceedings that we woke up to the installation of a new king.

“Ikonga people are law-abiding, so those people that orchestrated this illegality should be brought to book to restore order in the community.”

Also, the elders noted that Ikoga is so structured that there is a role for every family. Some are in charge of commerce, some for security, others for the entertainment of the kings, while some produce the chiefs within their area.

They said the community is in danger, as the structure is about to be disorganised with the way the installation of the new king was done, and called on the state government and court to intervene and halt the looming crisis.

Attempts to reach the palace for reaction have not been successful, while other parties have been unreachable.


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