August 16, 2020

Corrective surgery as hope rises for Kwara blue eyes woman, children

50 million Nigerians at risk of River blindness

…Abulrazaq, Saraki’s wives, others to the rescue

By Demola Akinyemi

For Risiqot Ayegbami, a housewife in her late 20s, born with blue eyes, and her two little daughters with the same colour of eyes, the challenges they faced in her matrimonial home over their condition, has launched them into stardom.

Until her husband, Abdulwasiu Jimoh, sent her packing, she had resided at Olomoyoyo compound in Ogele area of Ilorin.

Risiqot, who claimed to be abandoned by Jimoh when she gave birth to her second child with blue eyes, was advised by friends to approach an online medium based in Ilorin to solicit alms from government and other philanthropists for their upkeep.

Today, that step has paid off as the First Lady of Kwara State, Mrs. Olufolake Abdulrazaq, has intervened with the initial cash donation of N250,000, for the upkeep of    Risiqot and her children.

Furthermore, Toyin Saraki, wife of immediate past Senate President and former governor of Kwara State, through her pet project, Wellbeing Foundation Africa, also donated N250, 000 to her and the children.

On the part of the current First Lady, in furtherance of her gesture, announced a scholarship for the enrollment of the two children at Roemichs International School, an expensive school for children of the rich.

Kwara State Ministry of Health was also given the mandate to provide the medical intervention that would correct the eyeballs of Risiqot and her two children.

A Consultant Ophthalmologist at the University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital, Dr. Dupe Ademola-Popoola, told journalists in Ilorin that she had visited the family and assessed the lady and her two children.

Care and support

She said a plan of action for their care and support through a multi-stakeholder approach would be instituted.     “At the end of it all, by the grace of God, their eyes would turn brown like any other human being after the medical interventions. That much I can say. I won’t go into giving secret details of my clients to a third party,” she said.

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Narrating her situation, Risiqot said:”When I had the first baby, it became difficult to relate with him, the husband. When I attempted to talk to him, he would get angry and walk out on me.”

She added that during her second pregnancy, things were very hard for them such that they couldn’t afford food and medical care. Risiqot said she eventually gave birth to twins, but one of them died while the other named Hassanat, also has blue eyes. She said her in-laws were not happy with her husband over the blue eyes    of the children, saying “even his parents were asking him if he was going to keep having children with blue eyes.”

She said it was at that stage that the husband started leaving home for days until he finally abandoned the wife and her two children. To survive with the children became difficult until one of her friends gave her the idea of contacting the media for assistance.


Meanwhile, the husband, surfaced a few days ago, denying that he abandoned his wife and the two children based on the colour of their eyes. He told journalists that it was even because of the colour of her eyes that he got attracted to her.

“I married her because of the colour of her eyes. Why would I drive her out because of it? The issue is that when she gave birth the second time, she had twins. Unfortunately, one of the twins had a condition that warranted us to take both of them to the hospital. I spent all my earnings at the University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital. I had to sell my land with an    uncompleted building, still, the child died.

“A few months after, her family insisted that we do her marriage because her siblings had already done theirs and she was the only one left. I didn’t have money but I did what I could do. It was after this that she decided to leave my house with the children.”