Black Wall Street to create 600,000 jobs for Africans as it focuses on 'Education for GDP'
Charles N Lambert

The leader of Africa’s first Economic War under the Black Wall Street platform, Charles N Lambert, on Thursday during the episode 24 of its show “Economic War with Charles Lambert” announced that the Black Wall Street will be creating six hundred thousand job opportunities for Africans who are unemployed certificate holders through Development Channel App Trainers as he campaigns for Education for GPD system in Africa.

Over the years most of the countries in the world have been faced with several socioeconomic problems that have retard rapid economic growth. In an attempt to find a permanent solution to this problem studies have shown that the educational sector of every country is a leading instrument for promoting economic growth.

In episode 23 of the show last Monday, Lambert had kicked against certificate-based education which is more valued in the workplace today than ever before but yet does not contribute to the economic growth of the society.

According to Lambert, the focus on degree and certificate by employers has become the most common reasons, choices why parents want their children to go to school while the students as well are only focused on getting the paper certificate instead of learning the required skills to complement its profession.

Lambert lamented that this system of education is very bad because it leaves the youths poor, depending on employments and even writing thousands of applications without being employed due to lack of skills to deliver in the job expectations.

He called this system the “poverty-focused educational system” which is dominant in Africa and has eaten deep into African youths who focus only on certificates to get out of poverty, gain employment and at the end are trapped in poverty without skills.

It is important to note that Africa needs graduates that will be useful, people ready for work, GPD focused educational system, an educational system that will evaluate how much money an individual is contributing to the economic situation, an educational system focused on skills and money-making, not the one that leads to poverty.

Hence, Lambert, recommends Education for GDP, the model education which will add value to every African family and economic growth.

Education for GDP, according to Lambert is the system that teaches graduates and non-graduates how to contribute to the economic situation of the continent.

Gross domestic product (GDP) is the total monetary or market value of all the finished goods and services produced within a country’s borders in a specific time period. As a broad measure of overall domestic production, it functions as a comprehensive scorecard of a given country’s economic health.

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This, therefore, means that GDP focused educational system will add value more than certificate focused educational system which leaves the youths unemployable.

To be able to win the economic war against poverty, Africa’s educational system must be GDP focused which impacts technical skills that make sure youths don’t remain in poverty and dependent on government even after graduation.

The education must have objectives of improving GPD because it is what gets the whole society out of poverty.

This according to Lambert will make sure people who are educated acquire skills to make money and not just certificates.

Many people who have acquired certificates without skills are jobless today and hungry while some others with skills are comfortably surviving and adding to the continent’s GDP.

The ITE programme from the Black Wall Street has been set to revolutionize the poverty-focused educational system in Africa into GDP focused.

The ITE under the black Wall Street will spread private schools across Africa that will focus on training people on how to make economic contributions to society.

Lambert says there are three major things the Black Wall Street wants to do in Africa, one of which is to make Africa become one Nation, two is to see a data-driven economic society of trap and invest and GPD focused educational system. Which he believes will transform Africa into an economic giant.

You can be part of this by visiting the Black Wall Street platform and also make a purchase to start investing for rainy days. You can also choose a role to play in the economic war which will also earn you millions of dollars yearly.

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