By Ayo Onikoyi

Of the twenty housemates that made it into Biggie’s house, 6 have been evicted. Namely; Ka3na, Lilo, Eric and Tochi followed next, and after then Kaisha. Praise was the last to bite the dust, leaving the remaining 14 to put their luck to the test. But how do they stand for the grand prize?

DORATHY: Dorathy’s friendship with Ozo had put her in a triangle that she didn’t bargain for at the start of the season but she has since broken out from that triangle and evolved into her own person. With her very cheerful demeanor and a wig game that would have Kylie Jenner green with envy, Dorathy has won herself a loyal fan-base and we can’t wait to see how the rest of the season plays out for her.

OZO: When the first-class economics graduate is not shadowing Nengi around the house, he’s trying to mend his friendship with Dorathy. As HoH, his affinity for assembling the housemates for family meetings was the subject of many social media memes and conversations.

NENGI: From winning the first HoH game to her relationship with the boys, fights with a few of the girls and her endless booty checks, Nengi has served viewers the entertainment they subscribed for this past month.

LUCY: She might not be her fellow housemates’ favorite but her name has remained absent from the bottom four list since evictions kicked off which may be an indication that viewers love the drama she’s brought so far.

NEO & VEE: If you’re wondering why we’re profiling these two together, it’s because they are literally the same people. The two have been joined at the hips since they came into the house and even though their ship continues to be hit by food-related rogue waves, the lovers seem to be hell-bent on sailing to the finals together.

ERICA: This Igbo beauty has danced her way into a lot of viewers’ hearts. She’s the undisputed queen of the dance floor and highlight of Saturday night parties. Her love triangle with Laycon and Kiddwaya has also meant that she’s the subject of many conversations both in the house and outside the house.

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KIDDWAYA: While we can all agree that Erica knows how to rock a dance floor, we sadly can’t say the same for her lover, Kiddwaya. This rich kid’s two feet never seem to be in tandem with each other or what he has in mind. But even his two left feet haven’t stopped his fans and supporters from rooting for him because it’s not like BBNaija is a dancing show.

PRINCE: This former Mr Nigeria plays to win. His competitive nature has rubbed a few of the housemates the wrong way but everyone seems to agree that he’s generally a nice guy. Plus, he’s the official hairstylist in the house for both the guys and the girls. Sadly, there isn’t anyone in the house he can trust with his own hair(line).

LAYCON: His relationship with Erica might not have gone the way he envisioned and he may still be nursing a heartbreak as a result but the rapper’s star has continued to rise.

TRIKY TEE: Triky is the resident funny guy – well, according to the ladies, at least. His directorial debut in the BBNaija house also won the housemates their first wager.

WATHONI: When she’s not bemoaning her boo-less status, the Kenyan-Nigerian can be found, dark shades on, sitting by herself in Biggie’s garden. She’s also managed to get into fights with a few of the girls in the house over everything from bed space to man issues.

BRIGHTO: Giver of unsolicited counsel, shaker of tables, the ultimate instigator and Lord Baelish of BBNaija Lockdown. Underestimate Brighto at your own peril.

TOLANIBAJ: Tolanibaj’s eyewear collection deserves a show of its own. She’s also shown that she’s definitely not one to mess with. Doubt this? Ask Ka3na!



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